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Schedule your way to success

At a Glance: Consult this daily schedule to discover additional spots for both productivity and balance.

You’re not a kid anymore, so you don’t have to study like one. Instead of procrastination and all-nighters, you can schedule a life of balance and awareness. Here’s how to find pockets throughout your day for both life and learning.

6 AM – Wake up
Early bird? Now’s your chance to dig into your coursework while the rest of the world hits the snooze button. Night owl? Ease into the day with a rewarding wake-up routine (meditation, a cup of coffee at the kitchen table or catching your favorite morning show) that buys you some “me” time.

7:30 AM – Breakfast
Include some protein so everyone in your family can get a strong start. If you’re feeling talkative, go around the table and set your goals and intentions for the day. Sharing goals make them that much more attainable.

8 AM – Commute
This is prime time for memorization. Team up with an older child to quiz each other in the car, or take the opportunity to access your online classroom app on public transit.

9 AM – Day job
Give work your full attention, with healthy breaks to stretch and refocus. Studies show that a 17-minute break for every 52-minute work session is best.

NOON – Lunch
Your lunch hour is a treasure trove of unused time. Regenerate your spirit by indulging in a quick gab session with a coworker before finding a park bench to review some coursework.

3 PM – The slump
Adults’ strongest urges to nap occur between 1 and 3 pm. Beat the odds with a brisk walk, a healthy snack or a break from your desk to view course videos on your mobile app.

5 PM – Errands and kids’ activities
Stuck in traffic? Take deep breaths. Use this opportunity to catch up with your kids and unwind with your favorite playlist. Remember: pace yourself.

6:30 PM – Dinner
Make this time with your family count — and save precious minutes — by sharing preparation and cleanup responsibilities. Setting the table and loading the dishwasher are two tasks an elementary school student can perform, and you’re teaching them important life lessons to boot.

8:30 PM – Quiet time
Night owls, this is your time to shine. Log into your online classroom and give your brain the nourishment it craves. Morning people, it’s your turn to relax and reflect.

Don’t hit the hay without pausing to congratulate yourself. After all, you’re one day closer to achieving your goals!