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Spotlight Story: Dr. Medgar Roberts

Dr. Medgar Roberts has always felt that schools serve a function in our communities far beyond providing academic instruction.

“School is a vehicle to grow little humans and make them knowledgeable and make them well-adjusted, to give them the things they need to be happy — to nourish the body, to nourish the soul and to nourish the mind,” said Dr. Roberts, who earned both his master’s and doctoral degrees in education at University of Phoenix.

Dr. Roberts has been an educator for more than 25 years, currently serving as vice principal of Henderson Middle School in Texas. Throughout his career, he has inspired others in his profession to make a difference through his work promoting representation, diversity, equity and inclusion in the teaching profession. His passion is to inspire others to recognize the importance of representation in education.

Dr. Roberts has served as a National Network of State Teachers of the Year (NNSTOY) Outstanding Black Male Educators Fellow and worked as a research fellow for the UOPX Center for Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Research, where he worked on a team authoring a white paper examining the career trajectories for Black male educators with the Center’s Chair Dr. Kimberly Underwood.

“Medgar is a force,” Dr. Underwood said. “He has the ability to naturally impact every group, every person, every student he comes into contact with in a positive way. I think the reason why we bonded in such a meaningful way is due to his keen interest around diversity, around inclusion and the mission of the Center.”

Dr. Roberts feels strongly that education is about building and maintaining relationships with children, their families and other educators.

“If you don’t build those relationships, if kids don’t know that you care about them, the education part does not work as well,” Dr. Roberts said.