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The virtual student’s guide to keeping it real

At a Glance: Create the same habits as on-campus students, including staying current, sharing results and making new friends.

True, your online classroom is just a click away — but that only matters if you make the time to actually click. To make virtual learning a success, you’ll need to treat each course, professor and cohort much the same way you would treat their brick-and-mortar counterparts. Remember: Attendance is essential, participation affects your grade and communication is a must. Follow these tips for making the most of — and giving the most to — your University of Phoenix coursework.

Go to class

Though your assignments and syllabus are set up in advance, you’ll need to log in regularly for instructor announcements and updates on class discussions. This is the only way to be sure that you don’t fall out of step with your peers.

Set an alarm

Use your email or smartphone calendar to remind you to log into the online classroom at a set time each day. To form a new habit, tie this reminder to a recurring activity, like the day’s first cup of coffee or right after you brush your teeth.

Save your spot

Bookmark your online classroom at the top of your favorite web browser for easy access. This will serve as a reminder of what’s most important — and an instant portal to your future success.

Take care of your computer

Keep your laptop charged and ready, in a quiet, comfortable workspace with a surge protector. Consider investing in any ergonomic equipment that can make it easier and more comfortable to do coursework at your kitchen table, at the coffee shop, sitting on a park bench while you watch your kids play — anywhere your daily life takes you.

Watch your deadlines

You’ll find it easy to check deadlines on the University of Phoenix app — and to track your progress with our interactive syllabus. Make sure you meet your deadlines by reviewing these tools often.

Share your results

Remember when you were nervous to bring home your report card? That same sense of accountability can come in handy as an adult learner. It still helps to have friends and family check in. Tell your loved ones about your goals and ask them to check in from time to time. Try setting up a celebration dinner with friends far in advance for the date you’re set to receive your grade. Let them know you’ll be doing a big reveal of your grade then.

Make new friends

Take an active role in small group sessions, and seek out classmates whose insights and opinions interest you. You don’t have to be in the same room to make a study buddy — and a meaningful connection that may last a lifetime.