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UOPX students describe their reactions to returning to the classroom

By University of Phoenix
April 29, 2020 • 2 minute read

Scary, skeptical, exciting, easy, nervous. These are all words that University of Phoenix students and alumni used to describe what it was like taking the first step toward going back to school. We asked students and alumni to share their experiences on Facebook. Check out some of their stories below.

Jenna Claire Brockman

It was scary, yet exciting! I knew that this has to be done in order to work in the field I want to. I mentally prepared myself for the stresses and bumps in the road that I knew were to come, just like it does with anything else. But this journey has been one of the best I decided to jump for!

Sean Battle

Scary, but the administration, and faculty at the Southern Arizona campus are welcoming and accessible. I am now 8 months from completing my Masters in mental health counseling. Very hard work, all worth it. The knowledge I have gained from the professors and cohorts has been priceless. #werise

Roni Garcia

Not gonna lie I was skeptical and feeling like I wasn’t meant for this. But my kids said they were happy I decided on a change and this motivated me every class and now I can proudly say I am CLASS OF 2017!!!!!! I have finished and conquered my degree. Looking forward to next challenge .

Sheri Starnes

This decision did not come easily because it is online. I am a hands on social learner, so this online classes sounded impossible and here it is 2017 made it through my first 5 classes. I’m not going to lie it is tough for me, but at age 52 I am ready to #WeRise for this challenge!

Freedomm Brown

I was very nervous at first but the staff at my campus was very inviting and they made me feel comfortable im only on my 3rd class but im reading for the challenges and im more confident than i was when i started

Treva McCullough

I was so excited because I was finally doing something I had always dreamt of doing! Completed my Bachelors and went on to complete my MBA! Love UOP, will always support!

Luis Lopez
I was scared out of my mind. However, I promised myself to go to the new student orientation. Once there, I realized that I was not the only one feeling the way I did. We were all adult learners. The staff at the University were awesome. They answered every question and concern. They made us feel like we belonged and that we could make it through the Phoenix program. I felt so positive leaving that meeting that I went ahead and took my first class, then second class, and so on. I now possess a Masters Degree from the University of Phoenix. Without it, I would not be where I am today. IF anyone has any doubts about the quality of the programs, and your ability to complete it, be assured that the school will work with you to complete the program. I was in the military and subject to odd hours and deployments. The school made every effort to help me adjust my schedule and complete my degree. Thank you.

Shannon Hanes Osmon
Scary, yet exciting. I was happy to finally be fulfilling a life goal I had set for myself years ago. As I was getting ready to start my first class I felt proud that I was working toward and achievement that would help my family and set an example for my daughter that it is never too late to achieve your dreams