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UOPX students offer tips for studying with kids

By University of Phoenix
April 29, 2020 • 3 minute read

We know that studying at home isn’t always easy — especially when you have little ones running around. We asked University of Phoenix students and alumni on Facebook how they manage to study with kids. One of the most popular tips: Have family study time at the kitchen table. Check out more great ideas below.

Sarah Fruche
We have 2 school age kiddos and an 8 month old. I study when the kids are at school, and when the baby is sleeping. And I have to be done by the time my husband gets home because study time is all out the window after that.

Beverly L. T. Rivera
When I started in 2012, my girls were 12 and 7 yrs old. My 12th year old has special needs, which means she always will require extra attention. However, I would do my assignments when they were doing their homework. At the time I was unemployed, but that changed when I began working in 2014, and I work 10-6am. That proved to be challenging, but my girls kept me motivated. It was frustrating at times, many times I wanted to quit, but I found that I liked the challenge and I worked well most times under pressure. Besides, I am not a quitter. October 2016 I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree, with honors too! I still don’t know how I did it. Now I’m starting my Master’s program on the 31st, super excited but hoping I can do it all over again!! You can do anything with determination, dedication, and discipline!!!!

Toya Keith
I have a 6 month old and a 9 year old. I told my son when I decided to go back to school we will be doing our homework together. I will be doing my studying while the little one is napping or calm enough.

Kathleen Vennum
In 2014 I enrolled in The University of Phoenix fully aware challenges would be present with work, and children. I Cannot stress enough how important it is to involve children in working as a team to complete assignments. Time management and focusing on a schedule does remove the frustration and interruptions when the children understand what you are doing and why.Stay focused.

Nayla Gonzalez-Diaz
I started when my kids were 3and 4 they are now 8 and 9 and I have a new addition who is only one. I took a break during pregnancy and will complete my bachelor’s degree this year. I study when they are asleep and whenever I can squeeze some extra time. Perseverance is key. If it was easy everybody would do it. Set yourself apart from the rest. Always remember time will go by regardless, do not waste it, let it be of value to you and yours.

Cherrita Lusane
Every week i have to be flexible and adjust to what comes. I have a newly 5yr and 13yr old that needs constant attention. In addition every week our family have multiple appointments which takes up time, not to mention wresting practices and meets. I use the UOPX app for discussions throughout the week on the go. Then, i write papers and complete presentations during the weekend. I must say that i live the challenge. I am determined so its just 2 more years and i will have my BS in Human Services!

Melvin C Jordan
I have managed to turn the smallest bedroom in the house into my office. I tried working in an open space and I simply could not focus.

Tom Kingsley
I bought really good noise cancelling headphones and listed to low volume classical music, and I also closed my office door….

Cenobia Ceci Cabrera
Study after they are asleep OR study with them…from my experience when they see you studying, they’ll want to study as well