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Career Interest Assessment

Explore career options based on your responses to the assessment questions

Our interest assessment tool provides personalized results based on your responses to the assessment questions.

Interest Assessment

(4 -6 minutes)

Explore career and degree programs that match the results of your interests.


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Based off your answers, we identified three traits that define your professional strengths:

What the results mean


The traits shown in the results of the Career Assessment tool are referred to as the user’s “Holland code.” This three-letter code is based on John Holland’s theory of vocational choice, which includes six personality types known as RIASEC. RIASEC attempts to determine the best career matches based upon personality types.

Your answers to the assessment determine your three main personality traits, which are then used to determine your best potential career matches.

To learn more about RIASEC traits please visit

Percent Match

The Career Assessment tool uses an algorithm to compile your answers and provide a relative score from 1 to 100, which is called a percent-match.

The best possible score is 100%.

While we only show occupations that are at least an 85% match, occupations that score below 85% could also be a fit. If you want to see additional matches, you can take the O*NET Interest Profiler at:

Degrees offered

There are 16 Career Clusters in this assessment. If you would like to learn more about all 16 Career Clusters, please visit to learn more.

Some of your potential career option results may not be accompanied by a degree program offered by University of Phoenix. Degree programs are presented only if they can educationally prepare you for the specific career option.

The BLS Projected Growth is sourced from data published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. This data reflects national (not local) conditions, which are subject to change and may not reflect the conditions present upon completion of your academic program. Further, these data points are not specific to students or graduates from University of Phoenix.

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1. Sourced from EMSI and BLS data.

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