A dedicated doctoral school

Earn your doctorate through courses built for working professionals.

You always aim to perform your best. Keep believing in yourself and stay on the path toward earning your degree. Not only will you have an array of valuable resources at your disposal — you’ll also have a designated assembly of professionals dedicated to your educational success.

You’re confident in yourself — be confident in your degree

Once course at a time

You’ll get to take just one class at a time helping you absorb the subject matter before moving on to new material.

You’re never alone

Get valuable support from a team of academic counselors, financial advisors, faculty members, and more — all dedicated to your success in your studies.

Always a Phoenix

You’ll always have us in your corner. Our massive alumni network, full of scholarly professionals, can be one of your greatest assets toward educational success.

You’ve got what it takes to earn your degree — prove it to yourself. Call us at 844-YES-UOPX.