Phoenix Health Means Business Forum

Examining the intrinsic link between health and business in an effort to promote a culture of health within the Phoenix community and nationwide.

On the pulse of change

The College of Health Professions recently co-sponsored the Phoenix Health Means Business Forum, along with The Phoenix Health Means Business Forum, sponsored by the University of Phoenix College of Health Professions, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. The forum was part of an 11-city traveling series supporting a two-year national campaign spearheaded in 2015 by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  The forum,Health Means Business is dedicated to creating an enlightened national discussion regarding the connection between health and economic opportunities locally and nationally.

The forum focused on the various health challenges facing our communities. It also looked at how businesses, schools and health organizations can work together to identify and overcome gaps in health care. Panelists discussed the importance of implementing ways businesses can invest in community health - and encourage a healthier lifestyle at work – and at home.

By leveraging the influence of local and national businesses, schools and health organizations, the College of Health Professions hopes to empower health and wellness and find ways to collectively improve the well-being of citizens within the community. A strong partnership can help local establishments create programs and events to promote the a healthier lifestylequality of life for everyone.

Making the move toward collective action

If you’re interested in making an impact in health care and taking on a greater leadership role in your profession and in your community, learn how you can gain critical skills with our Master of Health Administration programs.