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Counseling Internship is a 600-hour clinical experience (900 hours in Utah) required of all MSC students. Depending on the campus, the internship is divided into either 200 or 300 hour sections, each lasting 15 weeks. Those campuses that offer CMHC/597 A, B, and C (Except for Utah) require students to complete 200 hours for each course, while those campuses that offer only CCMH/597 A and B require the student to complete 300 hours for each course. Please check with your Campus College Chair for any clarification or questions you have. The internship experience comprises Portfolio III of the counseling portfolio series. Students are placed in community counseling agencies where they provide clinical services to clients under the direction of an approved licensed agency site supervisor. Students are also assisted in their preparation for the National Counselor Examination.

This graduate-level course is 15 This course is available as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Course details:

Credits: 3
Continuing education units: XX
Professional development units: XX
Duration: 15

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    Professional Issues and Ethics (Weeks One Through Fifteen)

    • Demonstrate professional identity through effective use of coping skills and problem solving within the professional agency environment.
    • Review application of American Counseling Association Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice to students' growing professional responsibilities.
    • Establish and maintain a productive intern and supervisor relationship.
    • Identify and describe boundary issues that are common within the counseling environment as encountered in the internship experience.
    • Establish and maintain a productive supervisory relationship.

    Therapeutic Processes (Weeks One Through Fifteen)

    • Demonstrate ability to initiate the therapeutic alliance.
    • Demonstrate ability to enhance and facilitate therapeutic relationship, assess the therapeutic process, and incorporate supervisory feedback.
    • Demonstrate ability to prepare and proceed with termination and/or referral.

    Internship Review (Weeks One Through Five)

    • Develop and implement an individual plan of action for internship responsibilities.
    • Complete a new supervision contract if you are continuing your internship experience at a new site.
    • Review internship expectations as reflected in the Practicum/Internship Handbook.

    Administrative Responsibilities (Weeks One Through Fifteen)

    • Demonstrate awareness of agency culture and mission.
    • Demonstrate awareness of, and adherence to, agency policies and procedures.
    • Participate in interdisciplinary staff functions.

    Professional Documentation (Weeks One Through Fifteen)

    • Demonstrate skills in maintaining appropriate administrative documentation including weekly logs and other required documentation.
    • Demonstrate advanced skills in maintaining appropriate clinical documentation inclusive of all client and session-related materials.

    Case Presentation Skills (Weeks One Through Fifteen)

    • Demonstrate case presentation skills in a professional format as appropriate to the guidelines of the agency.

    Preparation for the National Counselor Examination (Weeks Three through Thirteen)

    • Review sample questions and develop a rationale for each response.
    • Develop successful strategies for taking the National Counselor Examination.

    Case Presentation Skills (Weeks Five through Fifteen)

    • Demonstrate case presentation skills in a professional format that synthesizes the formats of agency and UOP expectations.
    • Refine diagnostic and case specialization skills.

    Final Portfolio (Week Fifteen)

    • Synthesize and deliver all materials required for Portfolio.
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