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Consumer Behavior


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Course level: Graduate

This course prepares students to apply buyer behavior theories in the marketplace. Students evaluate how demographic, psychological, and socio-cultural issues contribute to buyer behavior. Topics include consumer preference, brand perception, attitude formation, persuasion, motivation, and consumer protection.


This graduate level course requires proof of completion of a Bachelor's degree. Be prepared to provide documentation during the checkout process.

What you'll learn

Course skills and outcomes

Week 1

  • Describe the relationship between consumer behavior concepts and marketing strategies.
  • Identify elements of consumer analysis.
  • Explain how knowledge structures influence consumer decision-making processes.

Week 2

  • Analyze attitudes and intentions that affect consumer decision-making and buying behavior
  • Explain psychological and sociological principles used to persuade, incentivize, and attract various types of consumers.

Week 3

  • Assess the effectiveness of marketing strategies that are designed to influence consumer behavior.
  • Compare and contrast how conditioning and vicarious learning influence consumer behavior.

Week 4

  • Analyze environmental factors that influence consumer behavior.
  • Evaluate how cultural differences influence marketing strategies.
  • Explain how subcultures and reference groups influence the decisions of consumers.
  • Explain the importance of including a cultural analysis within a marketing plan.

Week 5

  • Formulate how consumer-product relationships and branding influence consumer decision making.
  • Explain the nature and importance of product positioning.
  • Develop and integrate promotional strategies within a marketing plan.

Week 6

  • Identify issues in consumer protection.
  • Evaluate potential ethical issues within a marketing strategy.


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