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College Algebra

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This course presents traditional concepts in college algebra. Topics include linear, polynomial, rational, radical, exponential and logarithmic functions, systems of equations, sequences, series, and probability.

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Credits: 3
Continuing education units: XX
Professional development units: XX
Duration: 5

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    Systems of Equations and Matrices

    • Distinguish between linear and nonlinear systems of equations.
    • Solve systems of nonlinear equations.
    • Perform operations on matrices.
    • Solve systems of linear inequalities with graphing.
    • Use matrices and Gaussian elimination to solve systems.
    • Solve systems of linear equations.

    Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

    • Identify types of symmetry and asymptotes, given a function and a graphing calculator.
    • Solve exponential functions.
    • Solve logarithmic functions.
    • Identify graphs of exponential and logarithmic functions.
    • Convert between exponential and logarithmic forms.
    • Solve real-world applications using exponential and logarithmic functions.
    • Apply properties of logarithms.

    Sequences and Series

    • Find terms of a sequence from the general term.
    • Solve factorial notation problems.
    • Solve recursion formula problems.
    • Solve application problems involving a series.
    • Find a general term given the terms of a sequence.
    • Find the sum of the first n terms of a sequence.

    Counting Methods and Probability

    • Use the multiplication principle to solve counting problems.
    • Solve permutation problems.
    • Solve combination problems.
    • Solve probability problems.

    Graphing, the Distance Formula, and Circles

    • Graph rational functions.
    • Identify functions behavior as increasing, decreasing, or constant.
    • Solve problems involving a function’s zeros, maximum, or minimum values.
    • Graph polynomial functions.
    • Perform transformations on a given graph.
    • Find the distance between two points.
    • Find the midpoint of a segment.
    • Write the standard form of a circle’s equation.
    • Perform operations on functions.
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