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Psychology Of Human Sexuality

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This course is a comprehensive view of the psychosocial and physiological aspects of sexual health in our contemporary society. The student will have opportunities to explore numerous relevant topics including love, intimacy, and relationships; sex and marketing; sexual diseases; sexual abuse; gender identity and sex roles; and socio-cultural influences and values in decision making. The course is designed for the student to understand attitudes and behaviors as they relate to sexual well-being and integrity.

This undergraduate-level course is 9 weeks This course is available to take individually or To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Course details:

Credits: 3
Continuing education units: XX
Professional development units: XX
Duration: 9 weeks

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    Sexuality at Different Life Stages

    • Outline physical and psychological changes that affect sex later in life.
    • Discuss sexuality and people with disabilities.
    • Describe sexual behaviors associated with various stages of childhood development.
    • Discuss adolescent sexual decision making.

    Paraphilias and Sexual Abuse

    • Summarize theoretical perspectives on paraphilias.
    • Discuss perspectives on treatments of people with paraphilias.
    • Discuss the consequences of childhood sexual abuse and rape.
    • State possible treatments for sexual offenders.

    Human Sexuality in the Modern World

    • Prepare a report on the factors that contribute to one’s sexuality.
    • Appraise the effect of the media on the sexual education of adolescents.

    Sexual Arousal and Sexual Response Cycle

    • Summarize the role of the brain, neurochemicals, and sex hormones in sexual arousal.
    • Give examples of the role of the senses in sexual arousal.
    • Compare and contrast the stages of sexual response cycles for males and females.

    Contraception, Abortion, and Adult Lifestyles

    • Describe psychological effects women may experience before and after an abortion.
    • State the advantages and disadvantages of various contraceptive methods.
    • Analyze trends related to singlehood, cohabitation, and marriage.

    Human Sexuality

    • Discuss the critical thinking involved in sexual decision making.
    • Explain the functions of male and female external and internal sex organs.
    • Relate various value systems to sexual decision making.

    Sexual Dysfunctions and Gender Identity

    • Summarize possible causes and treatments of various sexual dysfunctions.
    • Discuss various factors in the determination of gender identity.
    • Discuss the continuum of masculinity-femininity.

    Love and Relationships

    • Discuss the components that affect attraction.
    • Compare and contrast the various styles of love.
    • Identify communication techniques that improve sexual and emotional relations.

    Relationships and Homosexuality

    • Discuss various sexual techniques.
    • Summarize the historical and scientific perspectives on homosexuality.
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