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"Degrees & Programs"

What’s unique about these CBE programs? You can choose how quickly you complete these courses within a 12 week term. You'll have a faculty-supported individualized learning experience based on previous knowledge so you can move through the course content at a pace that works for you - giving you the flexibility to earn your degree as quickly as possible.

How do these CBE programs work?

You choose your own pace.  The faster you go, the faster you could graduate. You can schedule 2, 3, or 4 courses every 12-week term. Spend less time on material you know and more time on new subject matter.

Once ready, faculty can unlock competency assessments so you can demonstrate what you know and how to apply it.

Traditional vs term-based CBE programs
info TRADITIONAL CBE (term-based)
Duration TRADITIONAL 18-48 months (depending on program) CBE (term-based) Depends on how many courses you take each term — the more courses you take, the faster you could complete your degree
Pace TRADITIONAL One 5-6 week course at a time CBE (term-based) Choose either 2, 3 or 4 courses every 12 week term. You can focus on one at a time or take courses concurrently
Learning style TRADITIONAL Traditionally structured classroom led by instructors with weekly due dates CBE (term-based) Self-paced, flexible learning within the term with faculty guidance to facilitate learning and prepare for competency assessments
Admission requirements TRADITIONAL Admission requirements (differs depending on program) CBE (term-based) Admission requirements (differs depending on program). May also require relevant work, academic experience and GPA minimums
  • Bachelor’s: $398 per credit
  • Master’s: $698 per credit
CBE (term-based)
  • Bachelor’s: $2,500 per 12-week term
  • Master’s: $2,749 per 12 week term
    TRADITIONAL CBE (term-based)

    CBE self-paced learning programs

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