Become a School of Advanced Studies faculty member

Who you learn from matters. Working in their chosen industry for an average of 24 years, our School of Advanced Studies faculty members also have an average of ten years teaching with University of Phoenix. This blended experience means our students are offered an education of theory and practice from someone who has firsthand knowledge in both career and classroom.

Our faculty members undergo a robust onboarding process and work with a faculty mentor to ensure a streamlined introduction to the University experience. Aligned with our focus on the value of life-long learning, University faculty members receive continual opportunities to refine and upgrade their educational skills throughout the year.

School of Advanced Studies faculty members work or have worked in more than 100 of the current Fortune 1000 companies. Employed by companies of all sizes across the U.S, some of our faculty members hold cumulative experience in areas including chief executive officer, chief financial officer, chief operating officer, president, principal, and executive director.

To learn more about the college and types of programs offered, please visit the School of Advanced Studies hub page.

A message from the dean

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Take Students to the Pinnacle of Academia

Take Students to the Pinnacle of Academia

00:08 Hi.
00:09 I'm Hinrich Eylers, executive dean for the School of Advanced Studies at the University of Phoenix.
00:14 The School of Advanced Studies has been known for utilizing applied research to tackle real-world challenges and offering innovative curriculum in the areas of business, education, and healthcare.
00:23 Our distinguished faculty members are not just scholars.
00:26 They are practitioner leaders in their field.
00:28 This real world application and approach to doctoral education gives meaning and relevance to our work.
00:34 As a member of our faculty, you'll teach, inspire, and guide students along their doctoral journey and be a catalyst for cutting edge research.
00:42 You'll be part of a select community of scholars helping to align, define, and conduct research to tackle some of the toughest organizational challenges through our advanced academic centers.
00:52 We are constantly looking for passionate, top performing faculty.
00:56 If you would like to be a part of an innovative university with an exciting approach to creating research for real life, I encourage you to consider the School of Advanced Studies at the University of Phoenix.