Become a School of Business faculty member

Who you learn from matters. Working in their chosen industry for an average of 22 years, our School of Business faculty members also have an average of eight years teaching with University of Phoenix. This blended experience means our students are offered an education of theory and practice from someone who has firsthand knowledge in both career and classroom.

Our faculty members undergo a robust onboarding process and work with a faculty mentor to ensure a streamlined introduction to the University experience. Aligned with our focus on the value of life-long learning, University faculty members receive continual opportunities to refine and upgrade their educational skills throughout the year.

School of Business faculty members work or have worked in more than 200 of the current Fortune 1000 companies. Employed by companies of all sizes across the U.S, our faculty members hold cumulative experience in areas including chief financial officer, chief operating officer, vice president, manager and director. 

To learn more about the college and types of programs offered, please visit the School of Business hub page.

A message from the dean

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Provide Students with Career-Relevant Business Skills

Provide Students with Career-Relevant Business Skills

00:10 Hello, my name is Ruth Veloria, and I’m the executive dean for the School of Business, here at the University of Phoenix.
00:17 Today’s highly-competitive job market means an education that prepares students for career is more important than ever.
00:24 Education must help today’s learners develop skills that employers require now and in the future.
00:31 This belief is mirrored in our school’s vision.
00:36 The University of Phoenix School of Business aims to be a preferred source for finding and developing emerging leaders for organizations.
00:45 Here’s what a recent MBA graduate had to say about his faculty in the School of Business. 00:51 It’s the type of feedback that tells us we’re doing the right things for our students.
00:55 My classes were taught by deep subject matter experts, who had long careers in their chosen field.
01:01 I was learning a great deal, not only from the academic work, but also the life experiences and professional growth that my teachers offered.
01:10 As you can see, our faculty’s the single most important factor in achieving this vision.
01:16 We partner with industry-specific foundations and institutes and design our curriculum to align to industry standards,
01:23 But our faculty truly bring the curriculum to life, infusing it with real-world experiences and building connections with students.
01:32 At the School of Business, we prepare future leaders for business excellence.
01:36 We offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs, covering a wide range of business disciplines:
01:42 Marketing, human resources, finance, entrepreneurship, project management, and more.
01:48 We prepare our students to be ethic practitioners and leaders.
01:52 We strive to help our students make the difference they want to see in their lives and in their organizations.
01:59 Why should you want to work here?
02:02 We value the opinions of our faculty.
02:05 We include your feedback, as we strive to improve our courses.
02:09 We aim to be innovative.
02:12 Examples include our new entrepreneurship centers that we’re setting up across the country,
02:16 And our focus on using the latest techniques, digital marketing, AB testing, Lean Startup principles, to be relevant for the next generation of business leaders.
02:28 We hope you choose to join us in this quest to prepare the future leaders of tomorrow.
02:34 We appreciate your time and effort to investigate our offerings here at the University of Phoenix.
02:40 Thank you.