Become a College of Information Systems & Technology
faculty member

Who you learn from matters. Working in their chosen industry for an average of 22 years, our College of Information Systems and Technology faculty members also have an average of seven years teaching with University of Phoenix. This blended experience means our students are offered an education of theory and practice from someone who has firsthand knowledge in both career and classroom.

Our faculty members undergo a robust onboarding process and work with a faculty mentor to ensure a streamlined introduction to the University experience. Aligned with our focus on the value of life-long learning, University faculty members receive continual opportunities to refine and upgrade their educational skills throughout the year.

College of Information Systems and Technology faculty members work or have worked in more than 70 of the current Fortune 1000 companies. Employed by companies of all sizes across the U.S, our faculty members hold cumulative experience in areas including chief executive officer, chief technology officer, chief information officer, vice president, web administrators and systems administrator.

To learn more about the college and types of programs offered, please visit the College of Information Systems and Technology hub page to learn more.

A message from the dean

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Prepare Students to Lead in IT

Prepare Students to Lead in IT

00:10 Hi, I’m Dennis Bonilla, executive dean for the College of Information Systems and Technology.
00:16 I want to personally thank you for applying for a role in our faculty.
00:19 I think you’re all aware of the high changes that are going on in the education marketplace and the highly competitive environment that the industry is finding itself in.
00:28 Here at the College of IS and T, however, we are focused on one thing and one thing only, and that is the student experience.
00:35 The faculty is the key part of that student experience, and the last year we’ve been focusing on revising our curriculum to make sure that the curriculum is agile, relevant, and experiential.
00:46 As part of that, we’ve engaged with industry partners to make sure that the content we’re creating for our students is relevant to the employability that they will be seeking after they finish our curriculum.
00:57 It’s a compelling curriculum that drives high engagement, high experiential learning, and an opportunity to be part of a growing IT industry.
01:06 We are also focusing on more of the emerging technologies.
01:09 If you are interested in things like virtual reality, augmented reality, and other types of technologies that are becoming mainstream, this is place for you to want to work.
01:18 We’re driving that through experience centers that we’re creating in our campuses and driving innovation and curriculum development in places that really will drive startup activity, community activity, and community engagement.
01:30 It’s a great and an exciting place to be.
01:33 I hope that you find it a place that you’ll want to work at.
01:35 Thank you very much.