Organizations join to supply nonprofits across the country with much-needed technology

PHOENIX and ALEXANDRIA, Va., April 15, 2013—University of Phoenix® and Good360 today announced a new relationship that will allow the University to donate refurbished technology to nonprofits across the country, while also ensuring that those technologies are disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way when they eventually reach their end of life.

Through Good360's nation-spanning network of nonprofit organizations and online donation marketplace, the more than 100 University of Phoenix campuses and offices across the country can now quickly connect with local organizations to provide them with refurbished computers and other technologies. This new relationship has already helped to provide organizations in Phoenix with 145 computers to help them continue their commitments to serving their communities. The University will now work exclusively through Good360 to donate its technologies.

"For 30 years, Good360 has helped fulfill the needs of nonprofits with corporate product donations," said Cindy Hallberlin, Good360 president and CEO. "We are proud to work with University of Phoenix as they continue to create positive educational and sustainability outcomes in our communities by helping them to see the life of their technologies extended with continued use and safe disposal."

This new relationship also provides the opportunity to greatly reduce the environmental impact of disposing of technologies that can no longer be used. As part of their agreement with Good360, when the technologies are no longer needed, each nonprofit organization in the network must dispose of them in a way that is compliant with all regulations and that is safest for the environment. 

"At the core of our business is a mission to ensure that all Americans not only have access to a quality higher education, but also have access to safe, healthy environments where they can continue to learn, explore and grow both personally and professionally," said Pat Gottfried, vice president of Corporate Social Responsibility for Apollo Education Group, parent company of University of Phoenix. "We are proud of this new relationship with Good360 for both the impact it will have on deserving organizations in need of technology, and in helping to keep our environment safe and clean."� 

Apollo Education Group, parent company of University of Phoenix, is dedicated to being a good corporate citizen by serving communities and individuals across the country. Through its corporate social responsibility efforts, Apollo Education Group focuses on giving in the areas of education, workforce readiness and sustainability. To learn more about the impact of these efforts, please visit

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About Good360

Good360 was created in 1983 to help companies efficiently donate slow-moving, obsolete and seasonal inventory to charitable organizations. These products are new and include nonperishables such as apparel, books, toys, personal care products, office and school supplies, computers and much more.  Today, the nonprofit leader in product philanthropy distributes goods to a network of more than 35,000 prequalified charities, schools and libraries on behalf of America's top brands. Good360 has been recognized by both the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy and Forbes for its excellence and efficiency, respectively, in helping companies drive their bottom lines and at the same time do social good. For more information, visit


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