Alternative credit options

When it comes to pursuing your degree, we want nothing to stand in your way. We’ve formed partnerships with alternative credit providers to bring you additional ways to help you earn your degree faster.

Through these partnerships, you’re able to take online courses and transfer eligible credits, while you finish up your degree with us – saving you time and money.


Choose from more than 200 transferable online general education courses that you can take while working toward your degree.



Skillsoft is proud to partner with the University of Phoenix to help hard-working adults achieve their dreams for higher education. Over 2,400 Skillsoft courses are eligible for credit toward the University’s undergraduate degree programs through their Prior Learning Assessment Center (PLAC). The University has published a Credit Recommendation Guide which specifies the University of Phoenix Equivalency for each of the approved Skillsoft courses.



Straighterline allows you to choose from more than 77 transferable courses you can take while finishing up your degree with us.



Sophia allows you to choose from 32 transferable online courses that you can take while you finish up your degree.

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