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Foundations in Virtual Teaching course information and purchase details


Foundations in Virtual Teaching

Course details

In today’s digital age, we’ve had to rethink how we see teaching. This course will help you transition from being at school, to building successful learning experiences with students outside the traditional classroom. You’ll learn how to take the same skills, tools, and platforms you rely on today and apply them online tomorrow.

Learn how to:

  • Course level

    Design effective online learning experiences

  • Course level

    Strategically foster student engagement and enjoyment

  • Course level

    Support students effectively through distance learning

  • Course level

    Use the latest online teaching tools

Explore in-demand skills in areas like:

  • Course level

    Strategies for transitioning to online

  • Course level

    Virtual facilitation strategies

  • Course level

    Evaluation of technology-mediated assessment

  • Course level

    Building online community

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Foundations in Virtual Teaching

    This noncredit course:

  • Course level
    Self-paced, 100% online
  • Course format
    4 Job-ready skills
  • Course format
    No books or materials needed
  • Estimated learning time
    Finish course in approx. 30 hrs
  • Access to course
    Access to course for 1 year
  • Access to course
    Certificate of Completion

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Foundations in Virtual Teaching

What's included

Course outline:

  • Course Overview
    • Getting Started
  • Module 1: Overview of Teaching and Learning in a Virtual Environment
    • Module 1: Welcome and Overview
    • Module 1: Key Concepts/Big Ideas
    • Module 1: Important Terms and Concepts
    • Module 1: Comprehension Check
    • Module 1: Situated Real-World Practice
    • Module 1: Takeaways/Handouts/Resources
  • Module 2: Transitioning Instruction to the Virtual Environment
    • Module 2: Welcome and Overview
    • Module 2: Key Concepts/Big Ideas
    • Module 2: Important Terms and Concepts
    • Module 2: Comprehension Check
    • Module 2: Situated Real-World Practice
    • Module 2: Summative Assessment
    • Module 2: Takeaways/Handouts/Resources
  • Module 3: Facilitation Strategies in the Virtual Environment
    • Module 3: Welcome and Overview
    • Module 3: Key Concepts/Big Ideas
    • Module 3: Important Terms and Concepts
    • Module 3: Comprehension Check
    • Module 3: Situated Real-World Practice
    • Module 3: Summative Assessment
    • Module 3: Takeaways/Handouts/Resources
  • Module 4: Assessment in the Virtual Environment
    • Module 4: Welcome and Overview
    • Module 4: Key Concepts/Big Ideas
    • Module 4: Important Terms and Concepts
    • Module 4: Comprehension Check
    • Module 4: Situated Real-World Practice
    • Module 4: Summative Assessment
    • Module 4: Takeaways/Handouts/Resources
  • Module 5: Building Communities in the Virtual Environment
    • Module 5: Welcome and Overview
    • Module 5: Key Concepts/Big Ideas
    • Module 5: Important Terms and Concepts
    • Module 5: Comprehension Check
    • Module 5: Situated Real-World Practice
    • Module 5: Summative Assessment
    • Module 5: Takeaways/Handouts/Resources
  • Course Conclusion
    • Course Conclusion

Tools and worksheets you can use right away:

  • Lesson Plan Template for Virtual Classroom

    A fillable PDF template that teachers can use to write lesson plans for the virtual environment that includes sections for each component of the lesson plan (e.g., standards, objectives, materials/resources, use of technology, supports, assessments).

  • Free Templates and Resources

    A PDF list of links teachers can use to access free educational templates and resources, such as Google Slide templates, PowerPoint themes, Bitmoji scenes and backgrounds, a virtual classroom toolkit, and more.

  • Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

    A PDF visual of Bloom’s taxonomy that includes Bloom’s taxonomy, Bloom’s modified taxonomy, Bloom’s extended digital taxonomy, functional levels, and activities with digital tools.

Showcase your achievement

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Skills you'll gain with this course:

  • Strategies for transitioning to online

    Identify appropriate strategies for transitioning instruction to the online environment.

  • Virtual facilitation strategies

    Select appropriate facilitation strategies in alignment with learning goals in the virtual setting.

  • Evaluation of technology-mediated assessment

    Evaluate the effectiveness of technology-mediated assessments in the virtual environment.

  • Building online community

    Apply effective tactics for building robust online communities.