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Medical Billing & Coding Fundamentals course information and purchase details

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Medical Billing & Coding Fundamentals

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In this healthcare-focused course, you'll learn the important role billing and coding plays in ensuring patients have a positive experience and providers are reimbursed. Find out how to properly prepare claims and troubleshoot denials. Walk out with better understanding of the fundamentals needed to be successful in this highly regulated field.

Learn how to:

  • Use real-world medical and healthcare revenue terms

  • Accurately identify reimbursable services and treatments

  • Assign diagnosis and procedure codes based on clinical documentation

  • Identify payer policies and the party responsible for payment

  • Prepare medical claim forms and process electronic transactions

  • Appeal medical claim denials

Explore in-demand skills in areas like:

  • Interpretation of medical benefits

  • Assigning codes for procedures and diagnosis

  • Establishing financial responsibility

  • Billing claim analysis

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Medical Billing & Coding Fundamentals

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  • Course level
    FoundationalCourse level
  • Course format
    Self-ledCourse format
  • Estimated learning time
    30 hrsEstimated learning time
  • Access to course
    1 yearAccess to course

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Retain the skills you learn.
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Your efforts and achievements will be tracked throughout the course, so you know when you're hitting the mark - and when you're not. Your progress will be determined by your ability to demonstrate a skill and apply it immediately; not just answering questions and moving to the next learning module.

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Is this course for you?

The Professional:

  • You're looking to ensure your medical billing and coding processes within your practice operating to full potential.
  • You're looking to better understand the revenue stream for your practice or healthcare setting.

The Learner:

  • You're interested in learning how coding is used to bill insurance companies.
  • You're interested in learning how payers are billed and providers are paid in highly regulated medical fields.

What's included

Course outline:

  • Course Overview
    • Getting Started
    • Welcome to Medical Billing and Coding
  • Module 1: Interpretation of Benefits Coverage
    • Module 1: Welcome and Overview
    • Module 1: Quick Clips
    • Module 1: Key Concepts/Big Ideas
    • Module 1: Important Terms and Concepts
    • Module 1: Comprehension Check
    • Module 1: Situated Real-World Practice
    • Module 1: Summative Assessment
    • Module 1: Resources
  • Module 2: Understanding the Medical Language
    • Module 2: Welcome and Overview
    • Module 2: Quick Clips
    • Module 2: Key Concepts/Big Ideas
    • Module 2: Important Terms and Concepts
    • Module 2: Comprehension Check
    • Module 2: Situated Real-World Practice
  • Module 3: Assigning Medical Codes
    • Module 3: Welcome and Overview
    • Module 3: Quick Clips
    • Module 3: Key Concepts/Big Ideas
    • Module 3: Important Terms and Concepts
    • Module 3: Comprehension Check
    • Module 3: Situated Real-World Practice
    • Module 3: Summative Assessment
    • Module 3: Resources
  • Module 4: Establishing Financial Responsibility
    • Module 4: Welcome and Overview
    • Module 4: Quick Clips
    • Module 4: Key Concepts/Big Ideas
    • Module 4: Important Terms and Concepts
    • Module 4: Comprehension Check
    • Module 4: Situated Real-World Practice
    • Module 4: Summative Assessment
    • Module 4: Resources
  • Module 5: Claims and Collection Management
    • Module 5: Welcome and Overview
    • Module 5: Quick Clips
    • Module 5: Key Concepts/Big Ideas
    • Module 5: Important Terms and Concepts
    • Module 5: Comprehension Check
    • Module 5: Situated Real-World Practice
    • Module 5: Summative Assessment
    • Module 5: Resources
  • Conclusion
    • Conclusion

Skills you'll gain with this course:

  • Interpretation of medical benefits

    Interpret benefits coverage of a given situation.

  • Assigning codes for procedures and diagnosis

    Appropriately assign codes to given medical procedures and diagnoses.

  • Establishing financial responsibility

    Establish financial responsibility and collect payment, given a medical situation.

  • Billing claim analysis

    Analyze claims for payment and collections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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