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Scrum Master Fundamentals course information and purchase details

Information Technology

Scrum Master Fundamentals

Course details

Help build your proficiency in Scrum by learning about the basics of this Agile Method. This course covers understanding and applying the Scrum framework, developing the Scrum team – including Product Owners and Engineers, and managing products in fast-moving companies.

This course helps prepare you to test for Professional Scrum Master I, (PSMI) certification

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Skills you'll learn:

  • Course level

    Successfully use the established Scrum core values to make desirable team decisions.

  • Course level

    Effectively navigate primary Scrum events by applying the correct Agile principles, strategies and practices.

  • Course level

    Productively serve and collaborate with Product Owners and developers.

  • Course level

    Ensure the Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog help the Scrum Team create high-value increments.

Key topics:

  • Course level

    Empirical Scrum pillars and values

  • Course level

    Scrum Team roles

  • Course level

    Scrum events and artifacts

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Scrum Master Fundamentals

    This noncredit course:

  • Course level
    Self-paced, 100% online
  • Course format
    4 Job-ready skills
  • Course format
    No books or materials needed
  • Estimated learning time
    Finish course in approx. 30 hrs
  • Access to course
    Access to course for 1 year
  • Access to course
    Certificate of Completion

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Scrum Master Fundamentals

What's included

Course outline:

  • Course Overview
    • Welcome to Scrum Master Fundamentals
    • Getting Started
  • Module 1: The Empirical Approach to a VUCA World
    • Module 1: Introduction
    • Module 1: The Scrum Framework
    • Module 1: Comprehension Check #1
    • Module 1: Foundational Scrum Resources
    • Module 1: Comprehension Check #2
    • Module 1: Empirical Scrum Pillars
    • Module 1: Scrum Values
    • Module 1: Comprehension Check #3
    • Module 1: Summative Assessment
  • Module 2: Team Accountability
    • Module 2: Introduction
    • Module 2: The Cross-Functional Scrum Team
    • Module 2: The Scrum Master Role
    • Module 2: Comprehension Check
    • Module 2: Meet Team Apex
    • Module 2: Summative Assessment
  • Module 3: Increasing Your Organizational Serendipity Density
    • Module 3: Introduction
    • Module 3: Scrum Events Overview
    • Module 3: Comprehension Check #1
    • Module 3: Sprint Planning
    • Module 3: Daily Scrum
    • Module 3: Comprehension Check #2
    • Module 3: The Sprint
    • Module 3: Sprint Review and Retrospective
    • Module 3: Comprehension Check #3
    • Module 3: Summative Assessment
  • Module 4: Continuous Innovation with Reliable Results
    • Module 4: Introduction
    • Module 4: Scrum Artifacts Overview
    • Module 4: Exploring the Product Backlog
    • Module 4: Exploring the Sprint Backlog
    • Module 4: Exploring the Increment
    • Module 4: Comprehension Check
    • Module 4: Summative Assessment
  • Course Conclusion
    • Course Conclusion

Tools and worksheets you can use right away:

  • Daily Scrum Facilitation Guide

    A PDF job aid to help ensure an effective Daily Scrum.

  • Sprint Retrospectives Guide

    A PDF job aid to help ensure an effective Retrospective.

  • Sprint Goal Template

    A fillable and downloadable template that guides you through writing a Sprint Goal.

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