University of Phoenix assesses the success of its academic programs through Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs). Each program creates a set of PSLOs stating the skills and knowledge that students are expected to attain from that program. These skills, as well as institution-wide student learning outcomes, are measured through course-embedded assignments, as well as national standardized tests and surveys.

Outside of the classroom, the University assesses its Administrative and Educational Support (co-curricular) units through their area or intervention-specific student learning outcomes and operational objectives. Where appropriate, co-curricular student learning outcomes are aligned to institution-wide student learning outcomes. Conducting assessment in both of these arenas provides the University comprehensive data on student learning.

In fall 2014, the University began a five-year cycle of academic assessment. The goal is to assess all PSLOs twice during that cycle by collecting and analyzing data from student assignments in upper-level courses of select programs. Programs are continually added in order to achieve the assessment goal for the five-year cycle. The data presented here is evidence of the level of student learning for each program.

About assessment

Outcomes-based assessment of student learning

Data on student achievement of learning outcomes is collected and analyzed, then used to make changes for improved student learning. It informs the faculty, program, campus, college or school, and the University on the performance and efficacy of the curriculum and learning/educational processes.

Educational support (co-curricular)

This consists of outcomes-based assessment of student learning (i.e., measuring the impact of services on student learning and behavior) as well as objective-based assessment of operations and services (e.g., usage, satisfaction, quality) to promote data-driven decision making for continuous improvement.

Annual assessment results

This data indicates how well a program has succeeded in achieving the goals set by the college or school. You can view these results by selecting an area of interest, then choosing a program.

Academic programs designed to align with in-demand jobs

Curriculum developers at University of Phoenix keep today’s in-demand jobs in mind as they design our academic programs. Our programs are updated periodically to reflect the latest standards and practices in today’s industries.

The Higher Learning Commission, an accrediting organization that assures and advances quality in education, accredits University of Phoenix.

Note: Some programs may not be represented here. This is because assessment is a cyclical process, and not all programs were assessed during the cycles for which data is available.

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