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From online writing and math assistance to life and career counseling, University of Phoenix offers tools that help you succeed in school and life.

Find life resources

Searching for child care? Want better work-life balance? You’ll find all that and more at the Life Resource Center. Access this resource by going to the Life Resource Center link under Quick Links on your eCampus homepage.

Keep up with school and tuition

The Program and Account tabs found at the top your eCampus home page are important resources. You can monitor your academic progress and check your GPA through the Program tab. Through the Account tab you can access your student profile and pay your tuition online.

Get help with writing

Through the Center for Writing Excellence (CWE), found under the Library tab, you can use the WritePoint® automated review system to check for basic grammar and usage mistakes. You can also use the Plagiarism Checker to ensure academic references are used properly in your writing assignments.

Get help with math

Have a math problem? You can find get help making sense of the numbers using Step-by-Step Math Review, tutorials and live math coaching in the Center for Math Excellence (CME). To start using it, just click on the Library tab and then the Center for Math Excellence.

Access an extensive online library

Search major databases like the EBSCOhost® record system, consult a librarian, request specific documents or improve your research skills using the online library. Access it by clicking on the Library tab at the top of your eCampus homepage.

EBSCOhost is a registered trademark of EBSCO Industries Inc.

Build up a support system

Praise for kids

Use these colorful, fun messages to show your kids you see their hard work too.

Thanks for family

Show your gratitude for friends and family with these uplifting messages.

Share your dream

Post this helpful chart somewhere visible so your family knows you need their help.

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