At a Glance: If you’re looking to squeeze in time to study, talk to your boss, and consider using your office before or after working hours as a quiet study spot.
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As a student who is juggling work, family and other commitments, there’s no denying you’re short on free time. When you have a job that accounts for most of your day, you may be wondering when you’ll have time to prep for exams.

Sneakily using paid office time for schoolwork is a big no-no that could get you fired, but by spending all day in an office, you may be missing out on valuable study time. It’s a tricky balancing act, but these four tips may help.

Talk to your boss

This should be the first task on your to-do list. Make your boss aware of your education goals. If he or she knows you’re working on your personal development, they may be more lenient about you hitting the books on the job — once you’ve completed all your work, of course.

Use office space

If you get some of your best work done at the office, free from distractions like kids and pets, see if your boss is OK with you coming in early or staying late to take advantage of the quiet study environment.

Benefit from breaks

Any free time in your workday should be dedicated to studying. Use a quick, 10-minute break to knock out some flashcards or review notes. Over lunch, snag a table at a coffee shop or library — anywhere away from the office break room so you’re not interrupted — to delve deeper into a chapter of reading.

Take a “vacation”

Many companies offer paid time off for their full-time employees. If you have some unused vacation to spare, consider taking a day or two before major exams to give all your attention to last minute studying. Though it may not be ideal to use your hard-earned vacation time for schoolwork, remember this is only temporary. Once you have your degree in-hand, all the sacrifice will be worth it.

Try getting creative when it comes to studying during the workday, but remember to be transparent with your boss.

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