At a Glance: In addition to family and friends, the members of your success team also include University of Phoenix counselors, other students and your graduation team. Utilize them. 
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Earning a college degree takes perseverance, especially if you return to school as an adult or juggle school with work and family obligations. But you don’t have to go it alone. Line up your success team from the beginning, and they will help you achieve your dreams.

Your inner circle

If there ever was a time to ask for extra help from spouses, other family members and friends, this is it. Whether it’s someone who can entertain your kids for a couple hours or a co-worker who can review your class paper, the support of your inner circle is key. Just ask them. You’d be surprised how many people are willing to help if you just ask.

Your University of Phoenix Graduation Team

One of the first places to turn is your Graduation Team—a powerful triangle of advice and support. It includes an enrollment representative, who helps you complete necessary paperwork and answers questions about the university and student life. It also includes an academic advisor, who offers guidance about your schedule and helps you tackle academic issues. And it includes finance advisors, who will steer you toward grants, scholarships and loans to help you finance your education. 

Your fellow University of Phoenix students

Sometimes it helps to talk to those in the same boat. Join conversations with your classmates and alumni on social media channels, such as Facebook.

You can also use PhoenixConnect, a portal with 30 learning and support communities staffed by community managers, students and faculty. Whether you seek career guidance, technical help or have questions about your program, these support communities have got your back. 

Find your niche with PhoenixConnect’s 3,000 interest groups, where fellow students gather for discussions about common interests and experiences. There are groups for veterans, university moms, people who want to start businesses and much more. 

Life Resource Center counselors

Finally, the Life Resource Center offers counselors who help students handle work/life balance and stress. Life coaches also share advice on time management or dealing with change. The center offers 5,000 resources from webinars to podcasts and articles that cover the many issues students face. 

Your professional network

Networking can go a long way help advance your career. Join a club or association that is relevant to your field, and start building relationships with other members so you can get advice, information and support. When you get closer to graduation, the contacts you’ve developed may lead you to your next job opportunity.

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