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"Degrees & Programs"

Your Brightspace resources

Now that you're enrolled in a competency-based education program, you'll use Brightspace for a personalized learning experience. Use the guide below to help you navigate this online learning platform whenever you need it.

More resources


Become comfortable navigating the Brightspace Learning Environment.


Learn how to view and review course material with the Content tool. 


Learn how to navigate assignments and view feedback using Assignments.  


Learn how to access a course’s quizzes or tests using Quizzes. 

Class Progress

Learn how to view feedback and progress using Class Progress. 


Learn how to review grades and feedback on assignments with the Grades tool. 

Submit and Confirm a Submission

Learn how to submit and confirm an assignment submission. 

Resubmit a Submission

Learn how to resubmit an assignment. 

Assignment FAQ

Still need help? Browse frequently asked questions about assignments. 

View Grades and Feedback

Learn how to check your grades and feedback from your instructor. 

Take a Quiz

Learn how to take evaluations, which include quizzes, mid-terms or final exams. 

View and Understand the Submission View

Learn how to read the feedback provided in the quizzes submission view.

Quizzes FAQ

Still need help? Browse frequently asked questions about quizzes.  

Account settings

Learn how to edit your account settings. 


Learn how to create your personal profile. 


Learn how to customize your notifications. 

Manage Your Calendar

Learn how to navigate your calendar. 

Content FAQ

Still need help? Browse frequently asked questions about content.