Today is YOUR day

Congratulations to the class of 2021!

Today is YOUR Day.

Congrats to the class of 2021.



JUL 10

Times available:

10:30am & 2pm (MST)






The moment you’ve been working towards for years is finally here. It’s time to celebrate your achievement surrounded by people who are so proud of everything you’ve accomplished. Welcome to the ranks of 1 million University of Phoenix alumni!

If you don’t wish to attend in-person ceremonies, and have verified you are eligibile, you can join your fellow graduates in a virtual commencement.

Key dates

Virtual Commencement: July 10, 2021

Select from 2 ceremony time options: 
10:30am MST/PDT (7:30am HST, 10:30am PDT, 12:30pm CDT, 1:30pm EDT) 
2:00pm MST/PDT (11:00am HST, 2:00pm PDT, 4:00pm CDT, 5:00pm EDT) 

Registering for commencement

Please make sure to review the ceremony eligibility requirements shown on the commencement registration website as they must be met in order to register.

How to register:

  1. Log in to eCampus
  2. Select Program from top menu options
  3. Click on the Commencement link on this page (lower page)
  4. Check eligibility requirements before registering
  5. Select the Virtual Commencement Ceremony time you wish to attend
  6. Complete registration (after you successfully register, you'll receive a confirmation email)

Friends and family are not required to register. Just you!
Deadline for registration is May 12, 2021
Register now

  • Late registrations are not able to be accommodated due to the production schedule for this ceremony.

Share your graduation celebration

We're inviting graduates to be a part of the ceremony by sharing their celebratory moments in two ways.

1. Personalized name slide

Submit one picture and one message, or favorite quote, to be featured on your personalized name slide, which will be displayed when your name is read. Also, you can share how you want your name pronounced. 

If you’re not planning to wear regalia, be sure to dress professionally to look your best for your photo.

Be on the lookout for an email from with details on how to submit your photo, messages, and pronunciation preferences safely through a site called Marching Order. This email will be sent out approx. 24 hours after you register for the ceremony. 

Please note: The email containing details will be sent to the email address you used for commencement registration. Make sure to check all your folders, including spam and junk, so you don’t miss it!

If you are not able to provide a photo and/or message by the deadline date, please know there will still be a slide with your name, degree and name announcement for the ceremony. Your name recording and phonetic spelling must match the name shown for your slide. 

Deadline to record your name and provide phonetic spelling: May 19, 2021 
Deadline to submit one photo and one quote/message: June 2, 2021

We are not able to add or change anything on the personalized slides after these deadline dates. 

2. Celebratory video (optional, this is separate from your personalized name slide)

In addition to your personalized name slide, we encourage you to submit more photos and/or a video for a chance to be part of our celebratory video. 

Only 70 to 100 photos/videos will be chosen, so make them count! Examples include drive-by graduation parties, impromptu dancing, walking across a makeshift stage, improvised hats and gowns, etc. 

Send your photos and/or video to make sure to include your full name and degree information. Landscape/horizontal orientation, as well as images that don’t include added graphics or transitions, are preferred.

Deadline to submit photos and videos: June 2, 2021
Please note: By submitting your videos and photos you agree that your submission is governed by the terms of use for user content.

How to order regalia (optional)

Although regalia is not required, if you want to order a set for pictures or memorabilia, you can do so here (select “virtual” from the dropdown menu). Military graduates can also order a military cord. If you want to have regalia in time for your personalized slide photo, you must order by these dates:

Deadline for standard shipping: 5/19/2021
Deadline for expedited 2-day shipping: 5/26/2021

How to join the virtual commencement

Everyone is invited to celebrate our graduates at the July 2021 Virtual Commencement. You will receive information about how to join your Virtual Commencement prior to the ceremony, which you can then share with your family and friends.

On July 10, 2021 graduates and guests can view their applicable commencements at the direct links below:


10:30am MST/PDT (7:30am HST, 10:30am PDT, 12:30pm CDT, 1:30pm EDT) 
2:00pm MST/PDT (11:00am HST, 2:00pm PDT, 4:00pm CDT, 5:00pm EDT) 

Commencement videos and personal name slide will be available for viewing up to 30 days after the ceremony.

The personalized slides will be displayed during degree level conferral for each ceremony. Graduates will be shown alphabetically (by last name) from lowest to highest degree level (associate, bachelor, etc.) Watch the countdown timer on the commencement ceremony video to see what degree level name slides are next to help gauge when you’ll be featured.

Share your celebration

Don’t forget to share your big moment on social media with hashtag #UOPX2021

Important things to remember

Make sure your graduation day is everything you expect and more.



Register for commencement

Check eligibility requirements and register for the ceremony on the commencement registration website. Register now.


Submit personalized name slide information

You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to submit one picture, and one message or quote, for your personalized name slide.


Submit images for video (optional)

Email pictures and video clips to for a chance to be in the celebratory video.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re planning to resume in-person ceremonies in the coming months, but we’re continuing to monitor the COVID-19 impact. While you can participate in an in-person ceremony, we are also providing a virtual option if you prefer to participate virtually. Just make sure to register for what makes you most comfortable.

It’s easy. When they become available, send them the direct commencement link to the virtual commencement you’re registered for prior to the ceremony. Commencements will be available for viewing up to 30 days after the ceremony.

No. Graduates will not be on camera and therefore no camera is required. However, everyone is encouraged to post celebratory comments in the chat window throughout the ceremony, which is viewable to all.

Regalia is not required, but some students might want to order a set for pictures or memorabilia. If so, you can do so here. Military graduates can also order a military cord. If you want to have regalia in time for your personalized slide photo, you must order by these dates.

Deadline for standard shipping: 5/19/2021
Deadline for expedited 2-day shipping: 5/26/2021

Yes, there will be a digital program that can be downloaded and shared with family and friends. It will be available the day of the ceremony as well as one month after the ceremony. Also, doctoral graduates will see their dissertation titles and chair names in the program.

The virtual commencement includes pre-recorded elements to ensure the health and safety of our speakers, faculty members, and students.