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Financial Plan

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We're unable to calculate international tuition rates within this Financial Plan tool. Please call 800.433.3180 to speak with a University Enrollment Representative.

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The Tuition Cost Calculator and the Financial Plan are intended to provide an estimate only. While widely available, not all programs are available in all locations or in both online and on-campus formats. Please check with a University Enrollment Representative.

You may be eligible for a tuition reduction through our employer academic partnership program

We partner with companies to help educate their employees, and we offer a tuition reduction to employees of many of these companies when they attend University of Phoenix. Enter your employer name below to see if it is among our partners. (Note: Your employer may be listed under a parent company name.)

We cannot show specific employer tuition reductions. If you are eligible, your actual amount may vary. We'll use 5 percent for estimation purposes.

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For privacy reasons we cannot show specific company discounts. If you select a company below, we'll use 5 percent for modeling purposes only for your financial plan. Your actual amount may be more or less. Please contact a University Representative for an exact amount.

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Estimated Tuition Cost Summary


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Tuition (per credit)Most courses are three credits  
Electronic Material Fee (per course)  
One-Time Application Fee  
Please call cookiePhone to speak with a campus representative.

Note about Estimated Tuition Cost: If you chose any courses with a start date of , or later, the new tuition rates for those courses are reflected in your total estimated tuition cost for your program.

Note to international students

Tuition information based on your area of interest is currently unavailable online. However, our University advisors can help provide you with that information. Please call us at cookiePhone for assistance.

Explore tuition estimates for other programs: Recalculate

Estimated Tuition Cost Summary

We're sorry. We don't have tuition information in this calculator for the criteria selected.

Please call to speak with one of our financial advisors for more information and reference the following criteria.

Location (ZIP):  
Area of Interest:  
Degree Level:  

Explore tuition estimates for other programs. Recalculate

Review tuition and expenses

Total program credits
Lower division
Upper division
Estimated transfer credits
Remaining credits
Based on this number, we estimate you'll need to complete three-credit courses.

Direct expenses

Direct expenses Edit

Direct expenses include credits, tuition, and course-related materials and fees.

Credits, tuition and fees Total
Military rate
( per credit)
Lower division credits
(lower per credit)
Upper division credits
(upper per credit)
Estimated tuition discount (-%)
Materials and fees
Application fee (one-time)

Indirect expenses

Indirect expenses Edit

These are separate from tuition and fees and can include books, computer, rent, utilities, meals, transportation and personal care. The numbers below are institutional averages; adjust them for your situation.

Add Expenses
Room and board
Other expenses
Total $TOT

Military and veterans benefits Edit

Resource type Total
Total $0

Funds you don’t have to pay back Edit

Have you considered employer tuition benefits?
Take advantage of employer tuition benefits   to help reduce your unfunded costs.
Have you considered personally contributing?
Did you know that if you contribute just $150 a month while you’re in school, you can reduce your monthly loan payments and reduce your future student loan debt by $0?
Have you considered contributing more?
By contributing money while in school, you have reduced your future student loan debt by $0 (total reduction for program). For additional debt savings, you may increase your monthly contribution.
You have unfunded costs.
Your estimated plan shows $0 in unfunded costs. Here are some steps you can take to build out a plan to cover these costs:
  1. If you contribute $0 per month you can cover the entire unfunded amount
  2. Explore other funding options like scholarships, employer tuition benefits, etc
  3. Speak to a representative about your plan options by calling cookiePhone
By contributing to your educational costs, you have eliminated your future student loan debt for this program.
Resource type Total
Federal Pell Grant
Employer tuition benefits
Military benefits
Monetary gifts

Federal loans Edit

Resource type Total
Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans
Federal Direct PLUS Loans

Personal contributions Edit

Resource type Total
Personal contributions

Unfunded costs

Our financial plan currently estimates you have $0 in unfunded costs. Unfunded costs represent the estimated difference between the cost of going to school and all of your available resources to cover the cost. To meet your unfunded costs, you may adjust your monthly contribution, modify your indirect expenses, or explore scholarship opportunities.

Unfunded costs Total
Unfunded costs
Total tuition and expenses
( months):

Note about Estimated Tuition Cost: If you chose any courses with a start date of , or later, the new tuition rates for those courses are reflected in your total estimated tuition cost for your program.

Explore options to pay for school

There are plenty of ways to help you pay for your education. You'll now explore funding options and build the rest of your plan.

University of Phoenix tuition may vary by campus and type of degree program. Credits required for completion of your program depend on a number of factors, including any applicable credits earned at another institution and University of Phoenix residency requirements. Delays in attendance or completion of your program may result in additional required courses. Costs are calculated based on the information you provided. Your anticipated start date may affect the cost of your program.

These are estimates based on the information you provided. Military rates could be lower than those provided here. Speak to a Military Division staff member to learn more.

Your plan progress

As you advance through the Financial Plan tool, the tuition and expenses estimates will update here automatically.

Total tuition and expenses
( months)
Federal grants $0
Estimated net price

Net price is the dollar amount that must be paid after subtracting financial assistance from cost of attendance. Use net price to determine how much your education will cost and how to budget for it.

Military and veterans benefits $0
Employer benefits $0
Scholarships $0
Monetary gifts $0
Personal contributions $0
Federal loans $0
Direct Unsubsidized Loans $0
PLUS Loans $0
Unfunded costs $0
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Note about Estimated Tuition Cost: If you chose any courses with a start date of , or later, the new tuition rates for those courses are reflected in your total estimated tuition cost for your program.

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