FSA at University of Phoenix is awarded for each academic year.  The length of an academic year varies by program level, version, and course length.

Students generally receive a disbursement of FSA funds at the start of the program and at the beginning of each payment period thereafter, as long as eligibility criteria are met.  There are generally two payment periods in each academic year, each consisting of half the credits and weeks of instructional time in the academic year.

If you withdraw from the university prior to the end of a payment period, a Return of Tile IV (R2T4) calculation must be performed to determine the amount of FSA funds earned as of the date of withdrawal.  Any unearned aid for the payment period must be returned to the appropriate FSA program(s).

The amount of FSA earned is calculated by determining the percentage of the payment period completed and applying this percentage to the total amount of aid disbursed and that could have been disbursed for the payment period.

For example, if you completed 39 calendar days in a payment period that is 175 days in length, the percentage of that payment period completed is 22.28 percent.  If you were disbursed $6,250 for the payment period, $1,393 of the disbursed FSA was earned.  The unearned $4,857 must be returned to its source(s)*.

If institutional charges on your student account - tuition, electronic course materials, refunds of FSA, etc. - exceed the financial aid earned, you will likely have a balance due on your student account that will be your responsibility to pay.

For example, if you had $2,000 in tuition charges, $200 in electronic course materials fees, and a $500 refund in a payment period where you only earned $1,393 in FSA, as in the example above, your balance due would then be $1,307*.

If the percentage of the payment period completed is 60.1 percent or higher, all FSA disbursed and could have been disbursed is considered earned.  In this case, there are no unearned funds to return to their source(s).

You can read more about the R2T4 calculation in the Consumer Information Guide.

Please contact Financial Services if you have more questions about the R2T4 process.  I am available to assist, as well, at kim.murphy@phoenix.edu.

* The figures provided are examples only; actual amounts may vary for each student.