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Pay no resource fees in your first six months.

Earning your degree on-campus just got more affordable.
Pay no resource fees for your first six months when you start between April 1st, 2019 and March 31st, 2020.

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* Not all resources are available at all campuses. Check your campus page to see what resources are available.

Terms and Conditions

All New Degree Students attending any University of Phoenix (UOPX) ground campus location accepting new enrollments, and who are seeking a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with UOPX, including UOPX Alumni moving to the next degree level, and re-entering Out of Attendance students (students who have been out of attendance with UOPX over +365 days), and who enroll and post attendance in their first class  between April 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020, are eligible to receive 6 months of free resource fee waivers from UOPX.

Here’s how the program works (eligibility):

If you are a new student or a re-entry student who has been out of attendance for over +365 days (including Alumni, Community College, and Military students), and are pursuing a Bachelor or Master degree with UOPX at a ground campus location accepting new enrollments (online degrees are excluded), and you enroll and post attendance in your first course  between April 1, 2019 – March 31, 2020 you will receive up to 6 months of resource fee waivers for courses completed at your ground location within a 6 month period from the date you start your first class. No action is required by you to receive this offer.

If you don’t meet the above criteria, we would still love to see you at the University to earn a degree, but you are not eligible for this promotion.

Please note the following regarding the Campus Resource Fee Waiver Offer ("offer"):

  1. This is a non-cash award and under no circumstance will the Offer benefits exceed the invoice amount.
  2. This Offer is valid for one Bachelor or Master degree program at a UOPX ground campus location that is accepting new enrollments, and only for the degree program the student enrolls in and attends within the offer period April 1, 2019 – March 31, 2020.
  3. This Offer only applies to students attending a UOPX  ground campus location accepting new enrollments. Online courses are excluded.
  4. In order to receive the 6 months of resource fee waivers, a student must first start a course and post attendance between April 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020.
  5. The last course receiving the resource fee waiver must be started within 6 months of their first course attended but it doesn’t need to be completed within the 6 month window.
  6. The resource fee waiver will be applied after you have completed each course within the 6 month period. Once the 6 month period has expired no resource fees will be waived. While students may take a break in attendance any break in attendance will not extend the 6 month period.
  7. This Offer applies to resource fee waivers only. All other tuition and applicable fees apply.
  8. This Offer cannot be combined with any other UOPX scholarship, promotion, and memorandum of understanding or Tuition Offer. A “Tuition Offer” is any tuition benefit provided to the student as a result of a corporate employer partnership, international student discount, or other promotional offer.
    • Exceptions:
      • Alumni, community college and Military students will be eligible for this offer, which will be applied to your applicable tuition and resource fee rates.
      • Students receiving employer tuition benefits would receive both the time based Offer, and retain their employer benefit which will commence once eligibility for this offer has been exhausted.
      • Students receiving the Platinum Tuition Reduction offer would be excluded from the Reenroll 2nd half Q3 & Q4 offer as their Platinum benefit would be a better option for the student.
  9. You remain responsible for repayment of all Federal Student Aid borrowed for your program or any other program you have enrolled in and/or attended, and are subject to the repayment terms and conditions set forth in your borrowing agreement.
  10. This Offer is not applicable and will not be issued to:
    • Students pursuing stand-alone courses.
    • Students enrolling in stand-alone certificates.
    • Students who do not meet the eligibility requirements.
    • Cover costs for credits earned outside of the UOPX.
    • Students who are Academically Disqualified, Disqualified for Admission, Scholastically Disqualified, Scholastically Suspended or Expelled as outlined in the University Catalog.
    • Students who enroll and start their first course before April 1, 2019 or after March 31, 2020.
    • Courses commenced after the 6 month period.
    • Students who change to the online modality during the 6 month period. Online courses are excluded.
  11. The benefit will automatically terminate if:
    • The student fails to meet any of the eligibility requirements set forth above.
    • The student is Academically Disqualified, Disqualified for Admission, Scholastically Disqualified, Scholastically Suspended or Expelled as outlined in the University Catalog.
    • The student changes to the online modality during the 6 month period. Online courses are excluded.