Let’s recap. You created your personal inventory. You searched for possible opportunities and entered the information in your tracking spreadsheet. You prioritized your list to identify the highest priority scholarships. Now, you are ready to apply.

Applications can consist of multiple steps. Read through an application before you begin filling it out to make sure you know exactly what is required. The two most frequently requested items are essays and letters of recommendation. Visit iGrad to learn more about writing or requesting these items.

If the provider requires the University to complete a portion of a form, use the following contact information to obtain the required items. Forms that need to go to multiple departments may take additional time.

  • Financial needs analysis forms — Fax to 480.598.4390; processing time is 48 hours.
  • Enrollment verification forms — Call 800.866.3919; processing time is 72 hours.
  • Transcript requests — Call 800.866.3919; processing time is 48 hours.

If you are uncertain where to send your form email it to We will work with the necessary department to have it completed.

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