Phoenix® Academic Achievers Scholarship

Now is the time to earn your degree. Our Phoenix® Academic Achievers Scholarship can help make your dream of a better future a reality.

The Phoenix® Academic Achievers Scholarship provides a tuition reduction for new undergraduate students with or without transfer credits. The more credits you complete, the greater your reduction, up to 30%. Your reduced amount will automatically increase as you earn more credits, starting after you’ve earned 12 credits. The reductions are as follows:

            12-47.99 credits = 10% tuition reduction

            48-71.99 credits = 15% tuition reduction

            72-95.99 credits = 20% tuition reduction

            96-120 credits = 30% tuition reduction

Through this program, you can be earning reduced tuition throughout your educational journey. Show us your commitment to graduate with your bachelor’s degree, and we’ll help you save as much as $10,000 along the way.

For our Phoenix® Academic Achievers Scholarship, you control your educational destiny.

Here’s how it works:

  • The University will provide a tuition reduction on the cost of eligible courses according to the chart below.
Total Program Credits earned and applied toward degree completion


Percentage of Reduction











  • Courses eligible for the Scholarship benefits are those credit-bearing courses for which, on the first day of class, the student is in compliance with all applicable Scholarship Eligibility Requirements set forth below. The tuition reduction will be applied towards the current tuition costs for the eligible course.
  • You’ll sign a “Memorandum of Understanding” agreeing to the terms and conditions of this scholarship before the end of the Offer Window.
  • Scholarship eligibility requirements include being a new associate or bachelor's degree seeking student in a program of study requiring a minimum of 60 credits who posts attendance and is invoiced for his or her first credit-bearing course with a course start date between September 30, 2017 - November 28, 2017 (Qualifying Attendance);  or
    • Students who have previously attended but have been out of attendance for greater than 365 days.
    • Students who attended a course within 365 days if he or she was enrolled in a program type other than a degree program or if the attendance was in a risk free period only, and the student did not continue to week 4 of the course.
    • Students who are enrolled in one of the ineligible programs (BSACC, BSB, BS/COM, or BSM, including any specialization for any of these programs) during the Offer Window and change to an eligible undergraduate program and begin their first credit-bearing course in the eligible program prior to the Offer Window closing, may become eligible for scholarship benefits by signing the MOU and meeting all eligibility requirements including initial progression and continued progression requirements to receive scholarship benefits. For students beginning their first course after April 1, 2017, the following programs are ineligible: AAACCT, AAACCTC, AABFN, BSACC, BSB, BS/COM, or BSM (including any specialization for any of these programs).
  • Students receiving the Scholarship while enrolled in an associate's degree who graduate from the associate's degree and begin an eligible bachelor's degree at the University within 90 days provided it is within the Offer Window will continue to receive the Scholarship providing all other eligibility requirements are met. Note students who have completed their associate's degree must start their bachelor's degree program within the Offer Window; regardless of the 90 day period, to remain eligible for the Scholarship and must meet and maintain all other eligible requirements.
    • A student with less than 60 transfer credits seeking an associate or bachelor’s degree must meet the initial progress requirement by earning 12 University of Phoenix credits within a 26-week period beginning on the first day of the first credit-bearing course in order to begin receiving scholarship benefits (“Initial Progress”).
    • A student with equal to or greater than 60 transfer credits seeking an associate or bachelor’s degree will begin receiving a tuition discount effective on the first day of the first credit-bearing course.
    • A student with equal to or greater than 60 transfer credits must meet the Initial Progress requirement by earning a total of 12 University credits within a 26-week period beginning with the first day of the first credit-bearing course to be eligible to continue receiving the benefit beyond the first 12 credits and 26 weeks.
    • All students must meet the continued progress requirement by earning a total of 24 University of Phoenix credits within a 52-week period beginning with the first day of the first credit-bearing course to be eligible to continue receiving the benefit beyond the first 24 credits and 52 weeks (“Continued Progress”).

A career-focused education at a greater value

Who says you have to wait until graduation to reap the benefits of your hard work? With the Phoenix® Academic Achievers Scholarship, every course you take after earning the first 12 credits not only brings you one step closer to reaching your career goals — it also costs less. By the time you reach graduation, you’ll have paid up to $10,000 less for your bachelor’s degree.


Here are some of the things that make this program different:

Open to new students

Start an undergraduate degree between November 28, 2017 and January 16, 2018, to become eligible.

Essays and applications not required

Just sign the memorandum of understanding at the start of your first course.

Transfer students are eligible

Your award level will include the credits that you transfer from another school.

Available until graduation

The perks of this program stay with you throughout your undergraduate journey.

Your dream of a better future has never been more affordable.

Speak with an Enrollment Representative to learn how the Phoenix® Academic Achievers Scholarship can make your dream attainable.

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