Receiving Scholarships

The following is important information that you may need when working with your scholarship provider to use your scholarship award.

What you should do with external scholarship checks

The scholarship provider awarding you the scholarship should make the scholarship check payable to "University of Phoenix" and mail it to:

University of Phoenix
Attn: Center for Scholarship Excellence
P.O. Box 52125
Phoenix, AZ 85082

The scholarship provider should note your full name and IRN (student ID number) on the check so that we can apply it to your account. If the scholarship provider has specific conditions for disbursement (how the scholarship money is used), they should include those directions in an award letter accompanying the check.

What happens when you receive external scholarship funds

Scholarship funds are considered part of your financial aid package and will be applied directly to your student account to be used toward tuition, course materials and other applicable fees. We are unable to release funds directly to you unless specified in writing by the scholarship provider.

Visit our Scholarships and Financial Aid section to learn more about how scholarships affect your financial aid.

How we handle requests from external providers

Your external scholarship provider may need additional documentation from the University. Before the University can process any requests, we must have a FERPA* release form on file.

These requests may include:

  • Financial aid status requests
    If your scholarship provider is requesting information regarding your financial aid status, these requests must be completed by our Financial Aid processing center. Please fax all requests to 480.598.4390. Processing time is 48 hours.
  • Enrollment verification letters
    To request letters of enrollment verification, acceptance letters or transcripts call the Office of Admissions and Records Support Center at 800.866.3919. Processing time is 72 hours. If the request is being sent by mail, please allow seven (7) to ten (10) business days for delivery.

Prevent delays

To prevent delays, complete a FERPA* release form to allow the University to release information to your scholarship provider. FERPA release forms are located on your eCampus student website. Go to the “Programs” tab then proceed to “Request FERPA Release” under the “Services” section. There, you can fill out and e-sign the release form. A copy of the form will be filed in your student records.

*FERPA stands for Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. To learn more about your FERPA rights, view the University of Phoenix Consumer Information Guide or contact your advisor.

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