Scholarship Path: Search


Once you have completed your personal inventory list, you are ready to search for potential scholarship opportunities. Use the list to identify organizations that support your needs, industries, affiliations, interests or hobbies. Reach out to organizations you’re affiliated with and fill out profiles on different scholarship search websites to generate possibilities.

Scholarships are available from numerous sources. Explore as many as you can. Here are some places to consider looking:

  • Check out external scholarship opportunities
  • Check with your employer. Some companies offer scholarships to their employees. Scholarships are frequently offered through the nonprofit entity of the organization, usually referred to as a foundation or auxiliary.
  • Join a professional association as a student member. These types of associations often offer scholarships to their members.
  • Look within your community. Scholarships are often available through community foundations, local nonprofit organizations and local businesses. Visit their websites and social media sites. Check out local libraries, community centers and local newspapers.
  • Search websites like, Fastweb, Cappex, and Unigo.
  • Ask people around you. Family members, friends, social networking and in-person networking can lead to scholarship opportunities. If you let people know you’re looking for a scholarship, they can pass information along if they hear about one.
  • Employ your hobby to find a scholarship. Writers can apply for essay contests. Videographers can enter video contests. Other hobbies that can lead to scholarships may include amateur radio, equestrian riding, knitting, community sports, arts and skateboarding.

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