Curriculum that exceeds expectations

University of Phoenix prepares you to do more than get a job, we help you jump start a career. Our programs are designed to help you meet the demands of today’s job market so that you’re able to edge out the competition and get ahead in your chosen field.

Education that meets the demands of today’s job market

Having knowledge is important, applying that knowledge is critical. Today’s employers are looking for determined employees that have the ability to hit the ground running with real-world skills. University of Phoenix knows what employers need and we’ve designed our programs to not just meet, but exceed those needs

Business demands collaboration

The corporate world is built upon teamwork. University of Phoenix prepares you to enter this environment by teaching you how to effectively work in teams, collaborate on projects and meet goals. All of our students, even those who attend classes entirely online, are able to work on team projects, collaborate to meet goals and develop leadership skills essential in today’s corporate world.

Our graduates succeed through determination

It takes discipline, determination and desire to succeed at University of Phoenix. Our students are personally accountable, self-motivated and eager to reach their goals. These are the same qualities it takes to succeed in the real world, which is why so many of our students go on to successful careers.

Tell us where you want to go and we’ll help you get there. That’s what a career-focused education is all about.