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Professional Development Skills Center

Explore skill modules or Skills Pathways featuring multiple career-focused skills to empower your employees and support your business.

One-hour skill modules

Each one-hour skill module features one or more assessments that replicate real-world scenarios to help improve employee skill retention. Every skill module awards a digital skill badge that’s shareable across social media and email footers so employees can proudly show off their accomplishments. Plus, one-hour skill modules can be combined into Tailored Skills Pathways to meet your upskilling needs. Not sure which skills to choose? Contact our sales team and let us guide you every step of the way.

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Apply active and empathetic listening skills to respond effectively in different business situations.

Identifying personal leadership styles and aligning personal strengths with organizational needs.

Evaluate the specific advantages and outcomes associated with paid social media marketing efforts.

Integrating privacy regulations into organizational policies, applying robust encryption and access control techniques, and developing comprehensive risk mitigation plans.

Explain the underlying functionality of generative AI tools.

Prebuilt Skills Pathways

Prebuilt Skills Pathways are designed and curated by our experienced team of learning and design professionals. Launch a training program today offering two or more skill modules (ranging from one to eight hours) with digital badges and certificates of completion.

Prebuilt Skills Pathways include Certification Pathways, to help prepare employees for third-party certification exams, and Recertification Pathways, offering recertification credits for organizations like SHRM® and HRCI®.

If you don’t find the right Skills Pathway for you, we can create Custom Skills Pathways to offer your team training that’s unique to your business goals and needs.

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Here to guide your team along any Skills Pathway you choose

Let us be your trusted advisor to help you achieve your business goals.

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Frequently asked questions

Any one of our skills modules can help an employee learn one new skill if they score an 85% or higher on the corresponding assessment. Skill modules can take as little as one hour to complete.

A Skills Pathway can help employees learn a minimum of four skills modules all within the same Training Topic. A single Skills Pathway takes about 30 hours to complete and contains multiple assessments so employees can demonstrate their skill comprehension.

When you’re ready to learn more about skills and how to purchase skill modules, contact our sales team to get started. Learners in Professional Development modules are not considered University of Phoenix “students” and do not receive student benefits.

Whether you’re purchasing skill modules or Skills Pathways, our platform is 100% online, self-led, and not eligible for college credit or federal student aid funding. Professional Development is specifically made for busy adults, and employees can learn when and where they want. All content, including any provided materials, tools, worksheets and videos, is in English.

Employees will receive a Certificate of Completion and a digital badge for each Skills Pathway or skill module they successfully complete with a score of 85% or higher in all applicable assessments.

Ready to learn more? Contact our sales team to get started.

Our goal is to offer enough skill modules and Skills Pathways to satisfy everyone, but that may take some customization. That’s why we’re happy to work with your organization to create custom training specific to your business. Contact our sales team to get started.

No problem. Contact our sales team and we’ll help you determine if University of Phoenix Professional Development is right for your business.

Every skill module includes an assessment so your employees can demonstrate their comprehension of the learning materials. Every Skills Pathways includes multiple skill assessments – at least one for each skill within the Pathway. As a business admin, you can review the outcomes of these assessments and monitor how well your employees are doing within the training. Learn more about our assessments here. here

As a business admin, you can receive reports on assessment performance, track learner progress, and easily review your active learners at a glance.

Our skills and Skills Pathways are self-led and not eligible for college credits.

We are regularly evaluating our training content to help employees comprehend the learning and keep the materials up to date as the world, technology and industries change.

We work with you to create a custom training program unique to your business. Contact us today to learn more.

Contact us today to learn more about pricing options and plans.

Within the License Management system there is an “Email us” button where you can request support.