Become a College of Humanities and Sciences faculty member

Who you learn from matters. Working in their chosen industry for an average of 19 years, our College of Humanities and Sciences faculty members also have an average of seven years teaching with University of Phoenix. This blended experience means our students are offered an education of theory and practice from someone who has firsthand knowledge in both career and classroom.

Our faculty members undergo a robust onboarding process and work with a faculty mentor to ensure a streamlined introduction to the University experience. Aligned with our focus on the value of life-long learning, University faculty members receive continual opportunities to refine and upgrade their educational skills throughout the year.

College of Humanities and Sciences faculty members work or have worked in more than 175 of the current Fortune 1000 companies.

To learn more about the college and types of programs offered, please visit the College of Humanities and Sciences hub page.

A message from the dean

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Help students realize their full potential

Help students realize their full potential

00:10 Hello, I’m Dr. Constance St. Germain, executive dean for the Colleges of Humanities and Sciences and Social Sciences.
00:16 Thank you for your interest in teaching in the College of Humanities and Sciences.
00:18 We have been proudly offering programs for educators since 1983.
00:20 The College of Humanities and Sciences offers over 400 courses to satisfy general education requirements for all undergraduate programs at the university.
00:30 In addition, the college offers end-to-end programs in communications, English, environmental science, and biology.
00:36 In humanities and sciences, we prepare students to realize their academic, personal, and professional potential, through critical thinking, creativity, innovation, problem-solving, and an allegiance to lifelong learning.
00:48 I believe that you would find it rewarding to teach in this college because we acknowledge that our faculty are the most important resource, as they spend the most amount of time with our students than any other position within the college.
01:00 We strive to create a positive learning environment for our students.
01:03 To do that, we provide our students access to the most qualified faculty.
01:07 You will find that our faculty are leaders in their fields, and have a passion for teaching and learning, and believe in the mission of our institution,
01:14 That we change the lives of our students, their families, and future generations through higher education.
01:20 Finally, we truly value the scholar practitioner model.
01:24 We recognize that good teaching is both an art and a science.
01:28 We respect and value our faculty’s experience and wisdom.
01:31 I hope you’ll decide to join us in the College of Humanities and Sciences.