Green Initiative

We are pleased to announce that University of Phoenix is among the top 10 colleges and universities that utilize green power, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. We purchase nearly 69 million kilowatt hours of green energy annually—the equivalent of powering more than 6,000 average American homes per year.

At University of Phoenix, we recognize our responsibility to take care of the earth for ourselves and for future generations. We understand the importance of sustaining the natural resources we all share. As an institution of higher learning, we also know that we can play a vital role in educating the environmental stewards of today and tomorrow.

Go Green

Embracing this knowledge, we've launched a Go Green initiative designed to help us fulfill our environmental commitment. With students, faculty members, employees, alumni and facilities in locations around the world, our possibilities for creating positive change are endless. To learn more, visit:

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Environmental Science Degree Programs

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