Leading on Reform

We are committed to our role as a leader in higher education and setting the gold standard in transparency, accountability and robust student protections. To ensure University employees are always putting students first, we have taken a number of proactive steps to do more than is mandated by current regulatory requirements.

Here's where we stand on student protections:

  1. Student representatives have no part of their compensation linked to enrollment. Period. They are evaluated on feedback from students who choose to attend and from prospective students who choose not to attend University of Phoenix.
  2. Every student with less than 24 credit hours is required to take an orientation course at no charge to ensure they are ready for the rigorous demands of a college education – before they take on one penny of debt.
  3. We've spent more than $100 million upgrading our compliance systems – including large investments in digital call monitoring. This is to ensure our representatives are giving students the best and most accurate information.
  4. We make it clear to prospective and current students what they are committing to in terms of student loan debt and what it takes to pay that back.
  5. We counsel every student to ensure they take on the least amount of debt necessary for their education. In just one year we've helped students make informed decisions that have led them to borrow substantially less.
  6. We are developing a "Student Bill of Rights" that will be posted in every location and given to every student and prospective student.
  7. We have implemented a student protection initiative as part of our routine compliance activities. This means we are randomly and routinely spot-checking our own representatives to ensure full compliance with our standards.
  8. We have required all University of Phoenix staff in student-facing roles to re-certify that they have read and understand our policies and will comply with them. We have also reinforced the availability of confidential compliance reporting if they have any concerns.
  9. We have instituted a toll-free hotline students can call to voice any concern they feel is not being adequately resolved at the local level.
  10. We have made a clear commitment to work with regulators and legislators to improve higher education across the board and to ensure that we are making productive contributions to that dialogue.

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