Learn how we are impacting higher education and engaging the world around us through scholarship and leadership.

Discover how University of Phoenix operates organizationally; our immediate—and long term—impact in the communities we serve, and what our faculty members contribute to the world of research or their professional fields.

2011 Academic Annual Report

The 2011 Academic Annual Report provides a transparent look at the University of Phoenix, the internal measurement methods, and how the University measures up in the current higher education environment.

California Economic Impact

Since 2000, more than 69,000 California residents earned a college degree from University of Phoenix. Degrees granted prepared students for critical occupation areas with forecasted long-term shortages, such as healthcare, education and technology.

The California Economic Impact report, conducted by nationally recognized urban economics firm CBRE Consulting, Inc., establishes that these California graduates have the potential to collectively earn a total incremental income of more than $1.1 billion annually.

Journal of Leadership Studies

Leading faculty from the School of Advanced Studies serve as the editorial board for the Journal of Leadership Studies, a quarterly academic journal that provides leadership research and contributions for doctoral learners, faculty members, and practitioners.

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