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Everyone from President Obama and business leaders to nonprofit and university representatives is seeking ways to “connect the dots” between STEM education and employment.

There’s one thing they all agree on: The U.S. must place greater emphasis on STEM education to meet projected shortfalls in the workplace.

Through our Industry Strategy Group, University of Phoenix works with numerous organizations to identify collaborative approaches to meet STEM workforce needs.

University of Phoenix is helping facilitate this ongoing exchange of ideas and solutions. Working with the STEMconnector® network and U.S. News & World Report, we’ve published a report that identifies the educational needs for current and future STEM careers.

Read “Growing a Strong STEM Workforce: Strategies to Meet Industry Talent Needs.”

The stage has been set for deeper investigation. Advancing STEM education and employment will demand greater appreciation and support for collaboration among the broader community of educators, employers and workforce development leaders.

STEM education equals opportunity

STEM education equals opportunity

Industry leaders tell us that one measure of innovation is when employees use their STEM expertise to create new opportunities for their organizations. Helping shape your ability to provide meaningful, organization-wide contributions in the workplace is an integral part of the University of Phoenix® learning experience.

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