Massachusetts Transfer Guides

Take your previous college experience and transfer your eligible credits into a University of Phoenix bachelor's degree program.

You're one step closer to finding out if your previous college experience can be applied to your University of Phoenix bachelor’s degree program.

Select the institution below where you earned credits to access the course-by-course transfer guide. If your school is not listed below, review our transfer policy. If the school that awarded your credits is outside the United States, contact a representative to find out how your credits still might be eligible for transfer.

  1. Bristol Community College
  2. Bunker Hill Community College
  3. Holyoke Community College
  4. Massasoit Community College
  5. Middlesex Community College
  6. Mt Wachusett Community College
  7. North Shore Community College
  8. Quincy College
  9. Quinsigamond Community College
  10. Urban College of Boston