Alumni Career Mentor Program

Alumni mentoring

Discuss your career plans with someone who’s been where you are

University of Phoenix knows education today must do more than it did in previous years. It’s not just about earning a degree; the educational experience has to connect learning to career goals.

That’s why we created the Alumni Career Mentor Program — so students can connect with an alumni mentor to learn how to apply an education to the working world. Our streamlined registration system allows you to sign up and immediately select a mentor based on specific criteria, like degree, profession and language. Here’s how it works:

  • Register for the Alumni Career Mentor Program.
  • Complete your profile to find a match.
  • Choose your mentor from a list of alumni matches that appears immediately.

How long your mentor relationship lasts is up to you. You may choose to have a single phone conversation to get specific questions answered, or receive sustained coaching throughout your education at University of Phoenix. This service is complimentary to enrolled students.

Get started on your career path by connecting with a mentor, or learn more about the Alumni Career Mentor Program.


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Request a mentor

Our mentor program pairs alumni with students who want to benefit from their experiences.
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