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Military service can provide a solid foundation for career growth — even though it may not immediately be clear how your skills transfer to a civilian job. University of Phoenix has resources to help you successfully transition to a new career:

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When you enroll, you get even greater benefits from Phoenix Career Services™. Here, you can access complimentary resources, like coaching, that show you how to use your military skills and education in the civilian job market. You’ll find resumé and cover letter writing assistance and, if you’re searching for a job, you can practice interview skills, find open positions and much more.

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Military Skills Translator Tool


I put in my letter to retire, and boy did I get a wake up call.

I had no employment skills, all I knew how to do was what I was taught in the marine corps.


The hardest thing for a veteran to know is how their military skills translate to civilian skills.  The MST – it’s like taking off the blinders, so to speak and like ‘wow there’s stuff over here and stuff over here’. 


You put in your MOS in there and it opens up and says hey look – you can get this job at this pay in this state – they’re hiring this many.  Wow.  We’re looking for leaders, we’re looking for management skills, we’re looking for this… you start going ‘hey, that’s me!’

And I said to myself, ‘Why didn’t I do this in the beginning?

Job Market Research Tool


The challenge of coming off active duty is you really don’t know where you want to be located, you don’t know if you’ll be able to find a civilian job.  You want to find a job that’s within that same pay grade, or more.  The JMRT gives you a typical salary range and a specific location for a job you’re interested in.  If you’re able to go in and say ‘I got this, I’m marketable – I know I can go out there and do this job’ and those civilian companies are out there looking for you.  It’s just all about making life easier during a transition which we all know can be kind of hectic.

Military Career Coaching


Transitioning from military service into civilian service is very difficult for many people. And what we've done at University of Phoenix is really provide a suite of offerings to make that transition easier.


When a military student is talking to a career coach, it’s that third party that can look at what they’ve done, understanding what an employer might be looking for, help them connect those dots.


We have resume writing experts, we have mock interview experts. We have experts who are very well versed in military services.


In the interaction with a career coach, this is a great opportunity for some of our military students to really blossom and grow for themselves. Where do you want to go? What do you want to accomplish and achieve? And it’s really a new horizon, kind of a second growth period of them as an individual.


For our military students, it’s really important that they understand how to interact with employer or a hiring manager.


One thing that we want to make sure that they learn is the value that that service can now provide them and their employers in the future. And one of the biggest things they have to learn is how to brag about yourself a little bit, brag about what you’ve done, because it is impressive.

Proactive and Ongoing Support


As far as transitioning out of the military, there was definitely not a clear path.  For me, I was very unsure of what I was going to do next.  Eventually I found my way to University of Phoenix.  I think what’s great is there’s an actual career plan with UPX.  It’s not just one step, it’s a whole process.  If you don’t know exactly where you want to be, there’s so many tools and so many different people there that are able to help you along the way.  I think a major misconception that a lot of students have is ‘I don’t have to look at these tools until it gets closer to the time that I’m looking for a job.  I think that students should look at it now early in the game, and University of Phoenix makes that easy to do.

Job Connections


Whether you know it or not because you just go to work in the military everyday, you still have specific job skills that are transferrable to the civilian world.

The career services portal allows me to see what’s out there, what’s next.

You can look at the jobs that are pertinent with Phoenix, and knowing that there’s people and companies and corporations that specifically are looking for the skills that you have acquired from the military and the education that you get from the University of Phoenix - it’s pretty cool, actually.

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