Interactive learning tools

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Practice makes perfect

At University of Phoenix, you’ll have access to a suite of interactive applications that help you apply the lessons you're learning in class. Using the resources below, you can complete programming lessons, access self-paced tutorials and launch simulations of scenarios you'll encounter as an IT professional.


Access satellite computer labs that allow you to explore case studies and manipulate equipment and applications.


Access interactive lab simulations, instructional videos from industry experts, written lessons and fact sheets, and certification practice exams.

Personal Student Desktop

Log on remotely to access enterprise solutions including Oracle, SQL servers and Red Hat Enterprise Linux®. Launch simulations, store documents and access industry-related software and hardware.


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IST Technology Programs

00:02 Virtually every business today is powered by technology, more specifically it's powered by the people within the company who plan, build, and run the company's technology infrastructure.
00:14 At the University of Phoenix College of Information Systems and Technology, we want you to be one of those people.
00:20 That's why we designed specific technology programs that can teach you the skills you need to power any business.
00:26 At University of Phoenix, our students can take specialized tech classes early in their degree program.
00:32 That means you can earn individual certificates while you're in school to help demonstrate knowledge and skills you've learned before you graduate.
00:40 Many of our certificates are aligned to high profile technology certifications from companies like Microsoft, Cisco, and Adobe.
00:48 You can get a jump on attaining those valuable certifications that employers are looking for.
00:53 These certificates offer you the ability to demonstrate specialized knowledge in one of six key areas of IT: business intelligence, analytics and big data, cyber security, IT management, IT support, networking and cloud technology, Web, mobile, and software development.
00:01:13 Plus, throughout your academic program, you'll be using our innovative, hands-on learning tools, not just studying the theoretical aspects of IT but learning by doing.
00:01:22 Here are some examples.
00:01:24 Through Lab sim, you can interact with certification training courseware that helps you prepare you for the top IT certification exams.
00:01:32 Lab sim includes video instruction and demonstrations, practice tests and quizzes, and hands-on virtual labs that let you practice what you've learned.
00:01:42 With personal student desktop, you can log on remotely to access big business IT solutions, including Oracle, Sequel Server, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
01:53 Through a series of simulations, you'll learn the ins and outs of these IT tools in an exciting, hands-on way.
01:59 If you're ready to power the future of IT, University of Phoenix is ready to help you get there.
02:06 Learn more about University of Phoenix IT degrees.
02:10 Visit to find the program that's right for you.

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LabSim is a registered trademark of TestOut.
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