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Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society in Business

There are many benefits to attending the School of Business, including the ability to become a member of the Lambda Sigma Chapter of the Delta Mu Delta Honor Society. This is a nationally recognized honor society for students and graduates of programs accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

About Delta Mu Delta

Delta Mu Delta (DMD) was founded in 1913 by the Dean of Harvard University in collaboration with four professors from Yale and New York University. The DMD motto is “Through knowledge, power” which speaks to having the power to manage creatively for social and economic good.  This services as a guiding principle for the organization.

The mission of Delta Mu Delta Honor Society is to recognize and encourage the academic excellence of students at qualifying colleges and universities. Additionally they seek to create a community that fosters the well-being of its individual members and the business community through lifetime membership.

Lambda Sigma is the Delta Mu Delta Honor Society chapter at University of Phoenix School of Business.

Delta Mu Delta Benefits and Eligibility

Becoming a member of Delta Mu Delta awards you numerous benefits, including:

  • Lifetime recognition for outstanding academic achievement
    An invitation to join the Lambda Sigma Chapter confirms that you consistently achieve excellence in your studies. It also illustrates your commitment and drive to succeed in the business world. Membership in Delta Mu Delta is the highest international recognition you can earn.
  • Networking opportunities
    The Delta Mu Delta LinkedIn® page and Facebook® page offers networking opportunities and enhanced job searches by connecting you with 150,000 members who share your passion for excellence.  You can join groups by region, business specialty and chapter or create one that reflects your interests.
  • Scholarship program
    Delta Mu Delta provides scholarships to student members on an annual basis. The goal is to help ensure that exceptional students have the ability to continue their education. Read more about the scholarship programs on the Delta Mu Delta Scholarship site.

  • Acknowledgment for federal employment
    Membership in Delta Mu Delta fulfills one of the requirements for entrance at the GS-7 level in numerous professional and technical positions within federal service. This can enable members to begin their government careers at a higher salary level than might otherwise be possible.

  • Lifetime access to newsletter
    Delta Mu Delta publishes an official newsletter twice yearly. Named “The Vision,” this newsletter keeps members up-to-date on the work of the organization and its 300 chapters. It also covers current business topics and newsworthy events.

  • Bloomberg Businessweek subscription
    New members automatically receive a one-year subscription to Bloomberg Businessweek. After your first year you can continue to receive issues at an 88 percent reduction in cost compared to newsstand prices.

  • Honor regalia for Lambda Sigma students
    University of Phoenix students inducted through the Lambda Sigma Chapter receive an induction packet as part of their membership benefits. This includes an official purple and gold honor stole, a set of purple and gold honor cords, a membership certificate, the official Delta Mu Delta key and other membership materials.

University of Phoenix, in collaboration with Delta Mu Delta and the Lambda Sigma Chapter, have defined eligibility requirement for potential members. The following people can be considered for membership:

  • Students who are enrolled in a business or accounting program that is programmatically accredited by ACBSP (this includes BSB, BSACC, MBA, MM, MSA, DM and DBA).
  • Undergraduate business students who have a GPA of 3.65 or higher after completion of 75 percent of degree-applicable credits.
  • Graduate business students who have a minimum program GPA of 3.8 or higher after completion of 50 percent of degree-applicable credits.
  • Doctoral business students who have a minimum program GPA of 3.86 or higher after completion of 75 percent of degree-applicable credits.
  • Students who have a record void of any code of conduct or code of academic integrity violations. Students with pending violations are not eligible until the pending violations are addressed.

Visit Delta Mu Delta or email the institutional faculty adviser at AcademicAffairs.DeltaMuDelta@Phoenix.edu for additional information. 

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