Accounting degree programs

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If you’re interested in standing out in the accounting field, graduate from a degree program that considers what professionals need at every stage of their careers. University of Phoenix offers accredited accounting programs at the associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree level, that help you gain the knowledge needed to start or continue in an accounting career pathway.

Undergraduate accounting degree programs

Enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Accounting or the Bachelor of Science in Accounting to learn the fundamentals of accounting practices.

Throughout the Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in accounting program, you’ll become familiar with accounting disciplines while learning core competencies of critical thinking, technology and communication, as well as complementary business theories in management, organizational behavior, economics, statistics and finance.

In the Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree program, you’ll have the opportunity to focus on the skills necessary for an accounting career. This program analyzes accounting skills such as auditing and taxation while helping you build the competencies necessary to go on to the graduate level.

If you want to understand the foundations of accounting, start with the Associate of Arts with a concentration in Accounting Foundations or the Associate of Arts with an Accounting concentration.

Graduate accounting programs

University of Phoenix offers two graduate-level degree programs and a certificate program, so you can continue to develop your command of accounting and prepare to sit for the CPA exam.

The Master of Science in Accountancy degree gives you an in-depth view of the accounting profession, including the framework for accounting principles that inform a variety of businesses. You’ll be prepared to work in career areas including accounting, auditing and budgeting.

The MBA with a concentration in Accounting focuses on business management and how accounting applies to commerce. If you're not sure which master-level degree is right for you, an Enrollment Advisor can help.

If you want to prepare for the CPA exam and increase your management-level accounting skills, the Graduate Accounting Certificate program can help you meet your goals.

More about the School of Business

Each state sets forth standards required to be eligible to take the CPA exam and apply for licensure or certification as a CPA. While this program was designed with consideration for the standards proposed by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA), University of Phoenix cannot, and will not, provide any assurance that completion of this program will allow a successful student to qualify within the student’s specific jurisdiction. Potential applicants should check with the appropriate organization within their jurisdiction to determine if this program, combined with their undergraduate degree and any other specific criteria, meets the requirements to qualify for examination in that specific jurisdiction. States frequently change their requirements for examination. There is no assurance that at the time of degree completion the specific jurisdiction’s requirements will be consistent with the requirements at the time of admission.

Maryland residents will earn an MBA with an emphasis in Accounting, Bachelor of Science in Business with an emphasis in Accounting, an Associate of Arts with an emphasis in Accounting Foundations and an Associate of Arts with an Accounting emphasis.

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