Bachelor of Science in Management with a concentration in Manufacturing Sector

Leading U.S. manufacturing requires an education dedicated to developing skills vital to growth, innovation and sustaining a competitive workforce in the area of manufacturing.  Our unique program was created in collaboration with the Manufacturing Institute to fulfill key industry skills, so you can become more valuable to prospective employers. Learn how University of Phoenix can prepare you to lead the renewal and future expansion of U.S. manufacturing.

The Manufacturing Sector experience

A rejuvenated U.S. manufacturing industry can help move the economy forward and ensure long-term prosperity. In order to affect the type of positive change that we as a nation need, manufacturing leaders must be conscious of building the capabilities that will make their enterprises great for the long-term.

The Bachelor of Science in Management with a concentration in Manufacturing Sector (BSM/MAN) links organizational management, communication and leadership in the manufacturing industry to the importance of growth and employee development.

In addition to industry-specific knowledge, this degree program helps you develop important problem-solving and critical-thinking skills so you can make a positive impact on the manufacturing industry. You’ll have an opportunity to learn in virtual organizations where you’ll develop alternative solutions to real world problems while sharpening your decision-making skills.

You’ll learn from faculty members who are also professionals in the manufacturing field. Their expertise provides you with a first hand account of how manufacturing works, coupled with proven academic theories. This provides a distinct advantage because you’re learning from professionals who know their field from multiple vantage points, and can provide the knowledge to take principles and implement them into the workplace.

Resources that help you achieve

From the moment you express interest in University of Phoenix, we provide you with tools to succeed.

You’re assigned an enrollment representative to assist with answering questions about enrollment and getting your education started. Immediately after enrolling, you’re assigned an academic advisor and financial advisor who, along with an enrollment representative, are with you throughout your time at University of Phoenix. They’re responsible for providing answers about programs, financial options and information that’s important to your academic career.

In addition to academic support, we provide experts to help you navigate the challenges of working, going to school and having a private life. The Life Resource Center helps students create balance despite work, school and family responsibilities. Our master-level coaches and counselors advise and offer resources to help you navigate life’s challenges.

If your goal is to increase your expertise in the manufacturing industry, University of Phoenix Bachelor of Science in Management in Manufacturing Sector can help. Speak with an enrollment representative today about how you can help rejuvenate and grow your knowledge of manufacturing.

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