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Welcome, FBI National Academy Associates graduates

Did you know that as an FBINAA graduate, you have already completed the equivalent of four courses toward a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration or three courses toward a Master of Science/Administration of Justice and Security? You may also enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Organizational Security and Management program.

Criminal justice and security degree programs at University of Phoenix are designed to help students develop the knowledge and skills needed to become leaders within their organizations. Diane Scanga, FBINAA past president and University of Phoenix alumna, is an outstanding example. She combined her two passions – law enforcement and education – and has risen through the ranks from cadet to police captain to serve as president of FBINAA.

Our curricula focuses on management and is taught by faculty members who have extensive experience in the field, and many have held leadership roles such as police chiefs, sheriffs, commanders or captains. Courses cover managing personnel, budgeting, operational planning, contracts and ethics, interpersonal communications, threat, cybercrime and more.

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College of Security and Criminal Justice Faculty

Our faculty members are leaders in their field and are qualified to help students apply theory to real-world situations in criminal justice and security. With advanced degrees and extensive experience, many faculty members hold leadership positions such as police chiefs, sheriffs, commanders or captains. Meet some of our faculty members; you can even read a selection of their articles.

*The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration, Bachelor of Science in Organizational Security and Management, and Master of Science in Administration of Justice and Security are educational degree programs and do not guarantee that a student will meet the particular requirements or qualifications to become a law enforcement, corrections or peace officer at the state, national or international level. Students who are interested in pursuing such professions are encouraged to check with the individual agencies for a list of requirements.

For more information about on-time completion rates, the median debt incurred by students who completed this program and other important information, please visit phoenix.edu/programs/gainful-employment.html

The University’s Central Administration is located at 1625 W. Fountainhead Parkway, Tempe, AZ 85282-2371. Online Campus: 3157 E. Elwood St., Phoenix, AZ 85034.

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As an Academic Ally of the FBINAA, University of Phoenix offers you educational options to help you lead in your field.

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Welcome to the University of Phoenix College of Security and Criminal Justice, where our degree programs are designed to help you develop management and leadership skills in the fields of criminal justice and security.