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A degree in security opens up a wide, wide world of career options. There is a range of careers, and at the University of Phoenix our education can help you pursue your future.


Our Criminal Justice programs are designed to help you understand what makes successful communities, and work with you to develop the knowledge and leadership skills valued by employers.

Working with our faculty, who have years of experience in the public service, you’ll learn key competencies in strategy development, security, cybercrimes and human services. University of Phoenix is committed to helping students pursue their goals through the convenience and flexibility of online or on-campus security degree programs. The Prior Learning Assessment process may allow you to apply relevant school or work experience toward college credits.

Our faculty also have extensive experience in security management, so they understand where you want to go and how to get there.

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Security skills to help you lead

Whether you’re a first responder or a Chief Security Officer, learning to lead a team can make you marketable and relevant in an always-evolving marketplace.

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Watch an overview of Security

Security overview

00:03 In today’s world, the security of every person, every place, and every thing is more important than ever, which means there is an immense range of opportunities in the security profession.
00:18 Some of the diverse jobs in this growing field include critical infrastructure protection, risk mitigation, cybersecurity, loss prevention, and emergency management.
00:33 As a leader in the security field, you’ll be continually solving complex problems and making decisions that have a significant impact throughout your organization and beyond.
00:47 If you’re ready for the challenge, University of Phoenix is ready to help you get there.
00:54 Learn more about University of Phoenix security degrees.
00:57 Visit to find the program that’s right for you.

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Discover your path

Discover your path

00:05 The security field is expanding. by 2022 we’re gonna have so many more jobs than we have now.
00:07 By 2022 we’re gonna have so many more jobs than we have now.
00:12 Just between 2013 and 2014 the security industry has gone from $350 billion industry to a $410 billion dollar industry.
00:21 In the course of one year, this industry went up by $60 billion.
00:24 Last year alone there were 41,000 job openings in the security field, but there are only 6,000 degrees that were issued in the security field.
00:32 There’s a big opportunity to be able to bring the academic background of security up to what the job opportunity is providing.
00:38 That’s where the University of Phoenix and specifically our college comes in.
00:42 We want to make sure that we are a part of the talent, preparation, and the talent advancement.
00:47 That is getting folks ready for these jobs, and then advancing them in their careers.
00:56 We are offering a full array of opportunities through certificates, Associates degree, and a Bachelor’s degree right now.
01:03 We’re excited to be able to offer these security degrees and certificates.
01:06 We’ve worked really hard to make sure what we’re offering is what the industry requires.
01:11 It creates a foundation for any security manager to be able to go out in corporate America.
01:17 Our Associates degree is called the Associates of Arts in security management.
01:21 Embedded in that is a certificate on loss prevention/asset perception, allowing you to work into maybe a retail space to prevent thief, to prevent cyber thief, to prevent physical thief.
01:31 Also to work though employee verification to ensure there’s no insider threat.
01:36 The Associates degree is rather technical in terms of what it delivers.
01:40 This is what industry is looking for, for entrée-level positions so it’s a perfect match.
01:45 Then when you get into the Bachelor’s degree it gets more into the managerial and the leadership requirements associated with the security profession.
01:53 Our Bachelor’s degree is the Bachelor of Science and Security Management.
01:56 Embedded in our Bachelor’s degree is a certificate on critical incident response.
02:01 This certificate can be taken as part of the degree or as a standalone that will enable you to be able to figure out who the first responders are that you need to bring in on scene to respond to any kind of an incident.
02:12 It used to be that security was looked at a job that’s something that you did, you really didn’t look for career growth.
02:18 We’re at the position now where we can create security as a profession.
02:22 If you want to be in the security space, come to the University of Phoenix we are producing the skill sets that are immediately job ready.
02:31 It’s a very exciting time to be in the security industry.

Education and professional growth go hand in hand. Where I am now is a testament to that philosophy.


Need to know more about how one of our security programs can help you pursue to the career you want? Talk with an Enrollment Representative.

Our Security and Criminal Justice faculty have an average of 20 years of experience as Chiefs of Police, Wardens, judges, prosecutors, and more.

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